Jolly Roger H3
of the Tampa Bay Metro Area
Run #551
Spring/Summer Adventure Hash #1
Bicycle Hash/Bash
Sunday, April 18th, 2010
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Hare Blessing

We are here for 15 miles of fun
May I suggest all wankers do not run
We'll be cruising on bikes today
Searching for wet, pasty prelay
Tail is laid by Dab & GRC
It should be entertaining, we can all agree


Park Ranger no catch us
Sawgrass palmettos no slice us
Trees no crash us
Mod no stop us
In the name of the four
The fun
And the holy run


Casual Friday

Hash Trash

GRC & Dab were the hares and JustMatt(Petite) was the FRB. Dab drove the beer truck and Smack & Quiver was the sweeper. CasualFriday was the RA and X won the Brainless Award for something??Trail was aborted shortly after it started due to deteriorating weather.


The adventure hash on Sunday was quite an adventure! Hearty wanks showed up ready to pedal through a monsoon and show our hash spirit by shaking our fists to the rain Gods! Thank you to the hares Dab and GRC for their efforts, thanks to the pack for showing up with smiles and guts of steel. We rode a whopping 69 miles and we all had mud up the cracks of our butts to show for it! Yeehaa!!! Why I washed my shoes prior to this hash, I'll ever know. Thanks to those wanks who participated in the conspiracy theory, you know who you are. In a successful attempt at getting stick-boy (Just Matt) to win the hash and the 1,069 pound chain! Yeah baby! It was quite the scene with the pack riding up his ass in one solid line-up, in order to get him to pedal faster than my dead grandma. He pedaled faster, so we kept on him to continue increasing his speed, but none of us wanted DFL, so we then started racing each other while staying behind the chosen FRB. MathSucks took DFL, not realizing what was going on. Hey, someone had to be the patsy! The trail was cut short ,but fun and laughter was had by all!

Welll see Just Matt at tonights special hash sporting the chain, and we look forward to seeing MathSucks wearing the DFL ball cap.

Thanks for a fun Sunday,
On-On Wankers!
Casual Friday

Jolly Roger H3
of the Tampa Bay Metro Area
Hash #551
Spring-Summer Adventure Series #1
Off Road Bicycle Hash (Bash)
Sunday, April 18th 2010

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