Jolly Roger H3
of the Tampa Bay Metro Area
Run #560
Wednesday, May 12th, 2010
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Hare Blessing

Wanna and Porta Pussy,
A live trail they will set.
The weather is clear,
So we shouldn't get wet.
Some may recognize parts of this trail,
When we were all wearing green.
And by all historical accounts,
It was the shittiest trail ever seen.
It was on Saint Patrick's Day,
And the rain was pouring down.
It washed away the flour,
And the beer stop wasn't found.
Wanna with Porta's help,
Arr giving it another go.
And this time around,
We hope the trail doesn't blow.

Repeat after me

Bless these Hares
Bless this trail
Rain us, no soak us
Flour us, no wash away us
Beer stop us, no hide us

In the name of the Flour
And the Fun
And the Holy Run

Hares Away!


Hash Trash

WannaEarnAnA and PortaPussy were the hares. BatteredWoman drove the beer truck and BlindPussy was the FRB. Skitzo won the Brainless Award because he is moving away.


Holy hash tards! What a fun group of hashers gathered for the Wednesday evening Jolly Roger H3 hash! Big thanks to Porto and Wanna for laying a fun trail for all of us, you guys rock! The pack welcomed another influx of JRH3 first-timers, VirginAnna (apparently ChoiceofaNewPenetration brought her since she pointed at him 69 times), JustErik and his two canine hashers, BootieDuty, and Ironman-II. I was reminded once again that I really need to put together a shorter-faster-funnier joke book for JRH3 first-timers!

Kudos to TagMyJuicyTarget for her awesome customized hash shirt! Woohoo! How the hell did FuckleUp find yet another cripp-shirt? Is it really artwork when a crippled civilian is falling out of a wheelchair? Oh wait a minute, I totally forgot thatís how he gets them onto his lap. AlwaysTheBull was sporting kewl horned cranium gear picked out of the hash-trash (Lost and Found); I still wonder who got the pair of stiff panties; oh wait--I think TaintTickler was wearing them on his face.

Thank you MathSucksletsF*ck for once again volunteering to give Just Joe his traditional blowjob (she seems to like being the volunteer week after week). We all know by now that the whistle can be found in your crotch every time, perhaps itís time to shake it up a bit and hide it in the crack of your butt cheeks. Speaking of blowing, I am blowing big kisses to BatteredWoman for driving the beer van for us wanks, I donít know of any other hasher who has volunteered her time for that job more than her; she leads by example, thatís for sure! Thanks to all twelve of you Jolly Roger H3 multiples, for cumming time and time again! Nice to see so many headbands of hashing achievement! BlindPussy, I see that you are dang proud of yourself for stealing the FRB chain from a girl; Iíll bet that got you a Friday late-night booty call from JustTiffany.

Last and most important, we had to wave good-bye and on-away to Shitzo, after we sucked down all his mead that he so generously offered to the JRH3 pack. It was a pleasure to run with him and we all wish him continual happy hashes in Bahrain!

On-On Wanks!
Casual Friday

PS: I canít wait to see Ironman II get his blowjob this Sunday at the Jolly Roger H3 Adventure Hash!

Jolly Roger H3
of the Tampa Bay Metro Area
 Hash #560
Wednesday, May 12th, 2010

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