Jolly Roger H3
of the Tampa Bay Metro Area
Run #582
Treasure Island
Sunset Drum Circle Hash
Saturday, July 25th, 2010
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Hare Blessing

Sun, sand, bikinis, and beer
These hares found the place where all four are near!

Metro’s a virgin hare on this trail
But GRC is cohering and together they can’t fail

So we’ll all enjoy this beachy adventure today
And this drum circle afterwards might make you swing the other way

Repeat after me:

Bless these hares
Bless this trail
Sun us no burn us
Drink us no drunk us
And wet burrito us no screw our bottom us

In the name of the flour
The fun
And the Holy run

Hares away!

Accidental Anal

Hash Trash

GRC & MetroNoSexual were the hares. FuckleUp was the FRB and Taint won the Brainless Award.


Thank you to the hashers who braved the elements (earth, wind and fire - all in one day) to witness the cherry popping of our most recent virgin hare, MetroNoSexual - You did great Metro!!
I for one had a blast. I especially appreciated the blessed cooling rain and the ethereal sounds and resulting gyrations of the sunset drum circle. Or maybe I was a little buzzed. Oh and Taint; WTF? Where did you go? We paid a pair of beautiful blonde Russian twins (body builders, even) to hold your wet burrito between their cheeks for your dining pleasure and you f-n left??? Fortunately it worked out. They had a thing for Allison and Accidental Anal. Dab said they were probably a little too old for you. But anyway, Boris and Pyotr send their best and hope you come back soon. They love Harleys and the men who love them.


As I type the account from yesterday's trail my parched, dry cracked throat searches for relief from the sun-worshipping that consumed a good part of the day.  GRC mentored MetroNoSexual on what proved to be a challenging, fun and scenic trail.  For those of you who weren't able Invade Treasure Island, I'd like to offer a synopsis to fill you in.  It was so hot that small children were bursting into flame s...Not KAZ...he pushed through like a champion and kept MoreSex and WheresMyGoat? hopping.  He was offered cold water by many in the Kennel, but pushed away in an act of defiance....conclusion...he wanted a mouthful of boobie (Who doesn't?).  Racing Stripes was thought to be lost on trail, but as it turns out he was conducting a recce of a bikini contest.  I guess we are the morons for not following him!  So there it was...we were hashing on the sun's was so hot that beer boiled the minute it left the ice cold kegs and flowed into our vessels.  The only way to survive was to wrap your lips around the tap....speaking of wrapping your lips around something....Just Russ and F*ckThatFence opened their mouths and closed their they got a big surprise....a JRH3 Whistle!  Horray for Blow Jobs!  So back to the trail....the zig-zagging through Treasure Island had us look like a flock of wounded pelicans trying to flap our wings in a straight line.....we zigged...we zagged...we checked back all over the place. Runners got their work out and the walkers just laughed as they had to pick up the pace or have their flip-flops melt into the asphalt.

Finally....trail took us to the beach....scantily dressed beach goers caused the pack to drift from the AWESOME ORANGE plops on the sand, but eventually the rendez-vous with the floating shot stop offered a great opportunity to be cooled off.  Goo-Light Special and Just Allison jousted in a chicken fight as everyone watching hoped for the shirts to get torn such luck.  ShipWrectum finally learned that he needs to give Math some loving so as he tried you could see F*ckleup in the background watching like a jealous dog observing humans eat a tasty steak (seriously...check out the pictures...he looks PISSED).  Bromance Denied!  Always the Bull was the only one with an inflatable pool toy, but everyone enjoyed the shots.  I can't remember the names...but I think it was "HotSexOnYourFace" and "Dirty Redhead"....if I got that right, then the remaining brain cells sobered up and fought back to recall that info.

Dead trails and hash halts are frequently used to ensure accountability of the pack.  Taint tickler used it as chance to race ahead of the runners who weren't huffing and puffing and attempt to steal the FRB chain.  Generally speaking....a douche-bag who wants the chain should be forced to wear this case his lack of concern for fellow hashers that were turning into beef jerky as they were toasted by the hot sun earned him the Brainless and not the FRB. 

Pictures next to the Captain Morganesque Pirate had to wait until an inbred family figured out which sister-ma and uncle-pa-brother would snap the pictures.  When they finally figured "it don't matter "were all kin" we were able to get some pictures of the sun-burnt pack.  The tightly drawn circle was accelerated due the Wrath of God Death storm that came in on the heals of the super hot day.  The pack ducked in for some awesome chow, but had to deal with some uber-bitchy waitresses.  As the Taco-Nazis snapped at the group,  Shitz Ahoy made some friends with the locals and there was much giggling as the pre-pared lunch boxes were announced "Who's Accidental Anal?"...."I've got a wet burrito for IBe Smart..." ..."Can some one point out who "Taste My Rainbow is...I've got some hot Mexican food for her"...nonetheless the food was awesome....then it was off to the Steel drum sunset hang out.  Dab re-positioned the beer truck so the wankers could stay lubed and we watched the banging drums....dancing and sunset.  Good place to bring a date....F#ckle ups jealousy didn't have to have any more salt poured into the wound because he was busy having a locksmith help him jimmy his door.  The Distraction gave Ship and Math some alone time....FINALLY.

The End

Hot Quarter Load

Trail Directions & Info

Jolly Roger H3
of the Tampa Bay Metro Area
Run #581
Treasure Island Pirate Invasion
 Adventure Hash & Sunset Drum Circle

Sunday, July 25th, 2010

What: This will be a "regular" foot hash, but on the beach followed by a Sunset Drum Circle on the beach! What makes it an Adventure Hash is that its outside the circle and it is on the beach.

Where: Meet in parking lot next to the Treasure Island Fire Department, located at 180 108th Ave, Treasure Island, FL. The parking lot is to the right/NW side of the Fire Department.

When: Meet at 3:00 PM, on trail at 4:00 PMish.

Directions:  From Tampa, go south on I-275 across Tampa Bay to Exit 23B. Continue straight ahead for .3 miles. Go right, or west onto 5th Ave N for 4.2 miles. Go left on 66th St N for .5 miles. Go right, or west onto Central Ave for 2.1 miles. Go right onto 108th Ave for .1 mile and find the parking lot next to the Treasure Island Fire Department on the right. Click here for a map.

Trail: Expect 5 miles true trail on or near the beach.

Donations: Suggest $8 for drinkers and $4 for non-drinkers with gimmie, otherwise $6 and $3.

Hares: GRC & MetroNoSexual will be the hares.

Food: We will be ordering TO-GO from the menu at GRC will take your orders between 3:00 PM & 4:00 PM, which is between the “meet” time and “pack-away-on-trail” time. Your order will be ready for you to pick-up after down downs as you make your way to the beach. We will be picking up our food orders at the VIP Lounge & Mexican Restaurant, located at 10625 Gulf Blvd, just north of Ricky T's. To get there from the starting location, go west on 108th Ave for .1 mile, left on Gulf Blvd for .1 mile and find VIPs on the left just prior to Ricky Ts. Click here for a map.

On After: Then, go directly across the street, go out to the beach and go left, or south about 75 yards to find the sunset drum circle. We will be eating on the beach enjoying a beautiful west coast Florida sunset and the sunset drum circle The beer van will be parked just south of the drum circle in the municipal parking area on the beach for continued beverages and snacks of your choice.

Remarks: Don't forget to bring your beach chairs to sit on the beach!

RSVP: Please let us know if your plan to attend. Send an email to to RSVP. Let us know the following;

1. Hash Name, or nerd name if none (Name)

2. Trail (Yes or No)

3. On After on the beach (Yes or No)

4. Food (Food order at

5. Remarks (Anything you want posted on the Who's Coming List)

Note: Even if you do not RSVP you are still welcome to attend. You probably just won't get a toe tag.

Who's Coming So Far: Click here to see who says they're coming so far.

Phone Number: For more information, or in case you get lost, call our mobile phone at 813-943-4855.

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