Ensure you have the equivalent of about 5 cases of mostly Bud Light (or equivalent) and Yuengling (or equivalent), or 1 keg (1/2 barrel) & two cases of beer along with about 4 different kings of snacks, about 48 bottles of water and enough ice to keep stuff cold. A very small amount of soda and juice can be purchased as well, but mostly just beer and water. Reimbursement for shots or specialty drinks like champagne, bloody mary's, mimosas, etc are not authorized without increasing the cost of the hash in advance. Keep receipts as a record of your expenses. Turn all receipts into the Hash Cash person after the hash along with any proceeds and remaining supplies. The Hash Cash person will reimburse you out of the proceeds collected from that hash. Get an IOU from the Hash Cash person if enough funds were not collected and you will be reimbursed from hash cash reserves or after a future hash with higher proceeds if there is no reserves.