Dead Hare Trails: To qualify as the FRB and/or FBI on "preset dead hare" trails a pack member must follow trail and all of the guidance the hare(s) put(s) out during the chalk talk. This includes accomplishing all tasks levied by the hare(s) such as ladies checks, package checks, clothing checks, hash halts, finding and stopping at the beer stop, etc. And, following either the turkey, or eagle, trail is Okay because the turkey trail isn't always the fastest way to the end.

Live Hare Trails: You must give the hare(s) the amount of time they ask for. You must not know where the end is in advance, unless the hare makes it common knowledge. And, you cannot use mechanical conveyance unless its approved by the hare(s), like if its a bicycle hash. You do not need to follow trail, comply with hare delaying tactics, such as honoring ladies checks, package checks, clothing checks, etc, and you do not need to stop at, or even find the beer stop(s). And you can follow either the turkey or eagle trail. If you come in first to the end, you are the FRB and/or FBI as long as the aforementioned is adhered to. However, if you follow the short cuts provided by the hare(s)' designated sweeper, you cannot  be the FRB/FBI, or even catch the hare(s).

FRB & FBI: One of these must be a male and one must be a female. If the first person in is a male then the first female in is the FBI. If the first person in is a female, then she is the FRB and the first male in is the FBI (he becomes her bitch, get it?). However, on the next RAs checklist the FRB and FBIs will be listed by gender. Why? Because the male hasher that was beaten by the female hasher may not be the same couple for the next trail. If they are, and anybody remembers it, and brings it up, then the male may carry the FBI chain and the female will carry the FRB chain. However, it will not be listed that way on the RA's checklist.

FRB: Front Running Bastard or Bitch: The FRB is not gender specific, it can be a male or female. Whoever comes in first is the FRB as long as they meet the criteria above for a dead or live hare trail.

FBI: First Bitch In: The FBI is the first female to the end, unless she is also the FRB, then the first male in is the FBI. But just for that particular hash, as stated above.

Note 1: The hare(s) should never let the pack know where the end is in advance unless they are the designated sweeper(s), or beer truck driver. If for any reason you happen to find out where the end will be in advance, you cannot be the FRB, FBI or catch the hare(s), unless the hare makes the end public knowledge.

Note 2: It's Okay for the pack to range on "live" hare trails, because the main objective is to catch the hares.

Note 3: It is not Okay for the pack to range on "preset/dead hare" trails because this is considered to be competitive (trying to come in first or win the hash) since you cannot catch the hares, since its a dead hare trail. It is Okay, however, to "short cut" if a member is just trying to catch up to the rest of the pack.

Note 4: However, "public" FRB/FBI determination is ultimately up to what the pack thinks on any given trail, as "the pack rules". But the GM gets to decide in case of a tie (in other words, the GM gets 2 votes as his/her vote is the tie breaker, same as with all voting matters). However, the FRB and FBI will normally be listed on the RA's next checklist according to the above and not the whim of the pack.