Jolly Roger H3 (JRH3)
Ginnie Springs Pirate Invasion Campout Hash XI
& Hash Challenge IV
Fri, May 18th - Sun, May 20th, 2018

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Welcome: Come join the Jolly Roger H3 as we invade the Ginnie Springs Campgrounds for our 11th Annual Pirate Invasion Campout, Float Trip Hash. Ginnie Springs is located at 5000 NE 60th Ave, High Springs, FL 32643, This event includes 2 nights of camping, Fri and Sat nights, May 18th and 19th, 2018 and park usage on Sun, May 20th until hour before dusk. The regular registration (REGO) fee pays for 2 nights of your camping and 4 hash trails. This is a BYO Everything event. No beverages or food will be provided by the hash, however, everyone is asked to donate something to the hash (a 6 pack of beer for down downs, liquor for the shot trails, ice, firewood, lighter fluid, bottled water, sun block, mosquito & cow repellant, condoms, lube, etc). Your registration (REGO) just entitles you to camp in our area and gets you an event toe tag. REPEAT, NO FOOD OR BEVERAGES WILL BE PROVIDED BY THE JRH3 HASH THIS YEAR, except for beverages at beer stops and for down downs during circles at the end.

Cost: Its $30 per camping night ($60 total for Fri & Sat nights). Add an additional night of camping if you plan to arrive on Thu, May 17th at the applicable rates above. Payments must be received by Wed, May 16th. If you just show up in person on the day of, without pre-paying,
you will have to pay the "going rate" to the Ginnie Springs office, as a "non-member" of our group. Then come find me (Dab) and hand me $20 cash and I will give you a late cummer toe tag. In addition, you will still be expected to donate something to the group, like a 6 pack of beer, bag of ice, firewood, etc.

Registration: REGO online at HASH REGO, REGO payments must be made by check or money order payable to RICHARD GEERS, 7007 Orvicti Ct, Wesley Chapel, FL 33544, or thru Venmo to RICHARD GEERS, or

Refund Policy: The hash REGO fee is 100% refundable until Wed, Apr 18th, 2018. After that it is non-refundable, but it is transferable, meaning you can sell it to someone else if you need to cancel. Any REGO transfers must be completed and verified by the seller(s) by midnight, Wed, May 16th. You will not be allowed to camp or even hang out in our "private campground" (Deer Springs) unless you are approved by the JRH3 GM (yours truly, Dab).

Camping: Bring your sleeping bag, tent and/or camper! We will have both sides of the Deer Springs camping area at our disposal, There is no electricity in the campground, so come prepared to make your own! However there are 3 fresh water faucets available. Please, NO GLASS CONTAINERS of any sort are allowed in the park. Pour the contents from any glass containers into plastic containers before entering the park! See the map at for our designated camping areas, parking areas, etc.

Food, Beverage & Ice: The park has a kitchen next to the office that serves food. Ice can be purchased at the office where you check in for a hefty price. However, they no longer sell beer on the premises, so you'll have to bring that in on your own.

Haberdashery: JRH3 Ginnie Springs Veteran patches will be available for purchase for $5 and Aluminum Wank patches for $2. These items along with other haberdashery items will be available for purchase throughout the weekend from the JRH3 beer van parked at Dab's campsite.

Check In: Upon arrival at the Ginnie Springs Park, go to the check in office next to the park entrance and let them know you are with the Jolly Roger H3 Group. DO NOT pay for your own camping, unless you did not get confirmation from the JRH3 that your prior payment has been received. Your camping fees will be pre-paid for you by the JRH3 as part of the REGO. You can now "partially" pre-register with the Ginnie Springs Office in advance. You will still need to complete the registration process upon arrival at Ginnie Springs, but by "partially" pre-registering per the below instructions, you can speed up the process. It has to do with the waiver. Go to the web page,, click on "Camping Info" and then click "Sign Waiver". You can also go to, or text the word "ginnie" to 215-999-2345 and the waiver will pull up on your smart phone. Once checked in, you will get a pass to put in the window of your vehicle which must be displayed at all times. Then proceed to the Deer Springs Camping Area and look for Dab, or other representative, to get checked in with the JRH3 hash and get your event toe tag and drop off your donation (six pack of beer, ice, fire wood, etc). Camping spots will be on a first come first serve basis.


Thu, May 17th: Early Bird Arrivals: If you'd like to arrive a day early and set 'up camp, feel free to do so for an extra $30. However, there will not be any official hash events on this date at Ginnie Springs. However, the GATRH3 will be haring a trail in Gainesville, at a TBD location and time, for those interested in commuting.

Fri, May 18th, 6:30 PM: Sunset Float: Meet in the SoFLH3 campsite (Turkey Roost), organized by the SoFLH3.

Fri, May 18th, 9 PM: Bungle Through The Jungle Trail: Meet on the upstream side of Deer Spring. This will be the most hash-like trail of the weekend. Expect a 3+ mile runners trail with plenty of shiggy! Hosted jointly by the St Pete H3 (SPH3) & the JRH3. Just ErikAJ & Bloody Sanchez will be a hares.

Fri, May 18th: 12:00 AM (Midnight) - Lingerie Trail: Meet in the SoFLH3 campsite (TurkeyRoost). Put on your sexiest lingerie for a tent to tent shot stop trail there. Volunteers will be needed to host shot stops at their tents/RVs along the way. If you would like to volunteer to host a shot stop, contact SprayNPray, at, by email to volunteer. SoFLH3 will be the hosting hash.

Sat, May 19th, 11 AM: 4th Annual JRH3 Aluminum Wank Challenge: Meet on the upstream side of Deer Spring. This will entail a running, swimming and a wheeled vehicle endeavor that will earn you the right to purchase an Aluminum Wank patch for $2. Hosted by the JRH3. GRC will be the hostess.

Sat, May 19th: 1 PM: Joint JRH3/SoFLH3 Float Trip Trail: Meet in the SoFLH3 (Turkey Roost) campsite for the SoFLH3 chalk talk. Then both the JRH3 and the SoFLH3 groups will trek up river and enter the river at the furthest up-river point in the park for a float back to the JRH3 campsite at Deer Springs.

Sat, May 19th, 7 PM: SoFLH3 Trail: Meet in the SoFLH3 campsite (Turkey Roost), hosted by the SoFLH3. Hash cash donations to the SoFLH3 may be required.

Sat, May 19h, 10 PMish: JRH3 Anything But Clothes (ABC) Hash: Meet on the downstream side of Deer Spring. This will be a tent-to-tent/RV-RV shot stop trail. If you would like to volunteer to host a shot stop, contact 2 Thighs And A Side, at, by email, and at 813-956-1177, by text/phone. Hosted jointly by the Tampa Bay H3 (TBH3) & the JRH3. 2 Thighs And A Side and Metawhorical Sunshine will be the hares.

Sat, May 19th, Midnight: Virgin Sacrifice to Devil Springs: Meet in the SoFLH3 Camp Pavilion (Turkey Roost). This will be a special initiation for Ginnie Springs virgins. BYOB except for virgins who will receive FREE shots. Hosted by the SoFLH3.

Sun, May 20th: Sober up and go home! Or, if you have a designated driver, join the SoFLH3 for the below events.

Sun, May 20th: 8 AM: Bloody Mary Sunrise Social: Meet in the SoFLH3 campsite. Hosted by the SoFLH3.

Sun, May 20th: 9 AM: Early Bird Float: Meet in the SoFLH3 campsite. Organized by the SoFLH3.

Sun, May 20th: Noon Float: Meet in the SoFLH3 campsite. Organized by the SoFLH3.

Note: Be sure to depart the premises at least 1/2 before sunset (about 7:30 PM) on Sun or you will be charged for an additional night of camping!

Dabadoo (Dab)