Hash Cash

Hash Cash: This is a non-profit organization. All proceeds get spent back on the hash.

Authorized Hash Cash Expenditures: Beer, bottled water, ice and snacks are obvious expenses. Hash cash is also authorized to be spent on soda, coolers, beer coolers, kegerators, cups, koozies, administrative supplies, trash cans, trash bags, bug spray, safety equipment, first aid kits, icons, haberdashery, etc and just about any other items, or expenditures that support the hash. However, YOU MUST GET PRE-APPROVAL FROM THE GM BEFORE DEDUCTING YOUR EXPENSE, unless its trivial.

Hash Cash Donations (Regular Hashes): The standard donation amounts for regular hashes are $7 for beer drinkers and $4 for non-beer drinkers from each participant (non-hares), or at least $1 even if you consume absolutely nothing ($1 goes towards awards & overhead). If you do not donate at least $1, then you will not get credit for the trail on the JRH3 Multiples List and you will not get awards (headband, bandanas, hare tags, etc), or be recognized for any achievements (FRB, FBI, brainless awards, beer truck driver, cook, hash flash, etc). However, you must actually do some portion of trail, even if it is just a token trail around the parking lot to get credit for doing trail. Driving the beer truck and any other official functions to support the hash also counts as doing trail as long as you make at least the minimum donation of $1. Just riding in the beer truck does not count towards multiple unless the beer truck driver specifically needs you to navigate.

IOU's: IOU's are heavily frowned upon. Banks don't serve beer and the hash doesn't do loans. If you forget to bring cash, go borrow it from another hasher and pay them back. Or, go to an ATM, write us a check, or offer some sort of collateral. We've lost too many dollars and ultimately hashers in the past over unpaid IOUs. So don't even ask.

Up to 3 hares do not need to donate the "standard donation" when they set trail (REGULAR EVENTS ONLY). However, they will be expected to donate the "extra amount" for special events, or when food is furnished at an additional charge. In addition, the hares are expected to pay for their own marking materials. If there are more than 3 hares, then each additional hare(s) is expected to contribute the normal donation amount (or all the hares can divide the cost evenly). In order to be a hare you must actually "lay trail". Just acting as a beer truck driver, scouting, or sweeping does not make you a hare. One hare needs to be identified as the "lead hare" that is overall in charge of the trail and for coordinating with the GM, or his/her authorized representative like the hare raiser.

Major Event Extras:
Add approximately $1 for toe tags, $1 for shots, $4 for patches and about $10 - $15 for T-shirts, etc. When beer stops are at bars, add the approximate cost of 1 beer (hopefully a glass of beer poured from a pitcher), normally about $2 per bar. When the only beer stop is in a bar, there is usually no additional charge for added on as long as the beer at a reasonable cost. When food is provided, some additional math may be required and the amount should be added to the hash cash donation. 

Two Timers: Local two timers (2nd time attending a JRH3 hash) are FREE, if they return within 10 days (REGULAR HASHES ONLY, not campouts, etc where multiple trails are done in a row). This does not apply to out-of-town visitors unless you will be hashing with the JRH3 for several months. Two timers must let the person collecting hash cash know when it is their 2nd trail on their 2nd trail to get the free hash.

JRH3 Founder & GM

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