Still Under Construction - Do Not Print Out Yet!
JAN 18-25, 2020

Identification: If you have a valid passport, bring it. Otherwise, bring an official birth certificate and a drivers license or state ID with a photo on it.  If you've changed your name due to a divorce, marriage, etc, bring the proper documentation that indicates the changes.

Night Time Safety Gear:  Make sure you bring and wear reflective clothing and have a flashlight, or headlamp, if you will be attending the Fri night, Jan 17th Pre-lube Hash, that meets at 6:30 PM. It will be dark out on this trail and we don’t want anybody getting hit by a car, plus you may need a flash light to find trail. Safety items can be purchased at any sporting goods or hardware stores.

Pirate Attire: The first night aboard ship, Sat, Jan 18th will be a “Pirate Costume" themed hash. So make sure you wear pirate gear. Pirate garb can be purchased on-line at for the wenches and at for the men.

Game Equipment: Bring a pair of panty hose or stockings.

Formal Attire:
Our formal night will be on Sun, Jan 19th, after spending the day in Key West. Make sure you bring and wear your best formal wear (tuxedo, mess dress, coat & tie, or at least a nice shirt and dress slacks for the men and formal gowns, cocktail outfits, etc for the ladies) for a group photo after dinner. There may be a 2nd formal night, still to be determined, so if you want to bring a 2nd outfit.

Tutu: Bring and wear a tutu on Feb 2nd, (1/22/2020), while we are invading Cozumel, Mexico.

Kilt: On Fri, Jan 24th, our last night at sea, show up to dinner wearing a kilt for a “Swing Low” dinner. But no flashing please! It won’t be too late to get thrown into the brig and we would like to be welcome back on on Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines. Kilts can be purchase on-line at and among others.

Other items: It may be cold where you came from but its plenty warm where we're going, so bring sunscreen and bug repellant. There's usually only one plug in the cabin and one in the bathroom, so bring a power strip with several plug outlets and even a few USB charging ports. You might also want to bring a battery powered night light for the bathroom so you don't light up the whole cabin during the middle of the night when you have to get up and go do your business. And, hangers. There are never enough hangers at the hotel or in the cabin aboard ship.