1. Approximate Starting Location: Like South Tampa, North St Pete, including a physical addresses so hashers can put the info in their GPS's.
2. Meeting Location: If you've already ID'd a physical address above, then please specify where you suggest the circle at the start should be performed, Suggest you include Google coordinates for this location along with a description like front, or rear parking lot, of some bar, store etc.
3. Approximate Trail Length: We like to keep it between 3 and 4 miles on a Wed nights otherwise we won't have time to make it to the on after before the kitchen closes. 4-5+ miles is normal for weekend trails.
4. Approximate Shiggy Level: Based on a 1-5 scale with 5 being the toughest, http://www.jollyrogerh3.com/Shiggy%20Meter.htm.
5. Trail Remarks: Like dog friendly, turkey/eagle split, etc.
6. Theme: If any, like a holiday themed event, etc where you want hashers to show up with an item, or wear something specific like pirate attire, certain colors, or anything but clothes, etc.
7. Remarks: Like its your Beer Day Trail, holiday trail, etc.
8. On After: This should normally be a bar that serves food, or food available nearby that we can order in, or some location where you will be providing for, like a cookout, etc. We normally designate this or some other nearby location, as the "on before" as well, for those hashers desiring to show earlier than the meeting time to congregate with other hashers, or eat diner before trail, etc. The GM normally decide where the on before will be, but most of the time the GM will just use the hare's suggested on after location.

Note: On Wed nights, the "on before" is usually from 5-6 PM, we meet to sign in from 6-7 PM and we circle up and/or send off the hare(s) at 7 PMsh. On Sat or Sun trails, we normally meet at 3 and circle up at 4 PM. On afters normally start immediately after the circle at the end. However, these time can be modified if you have a good reason to do so.