JRH3 General On Sec & Hash Cash Guidance

The On Sec and Alt Hash Cash collects information from virgins and JRH3 first timers that live in the area, makes sure the FRB and FBI chains are available for the circle at the start, does a roll call at the end to make sure everyone made it in, advises the hare(s) to go look for missing hashers, if applicable, feeds down down data to the RA, assigns hashers to award headbands/bandanas to those hashers with significant personal runs (10, 25, 50, 69, 100 and every 25 there after) and hare tags to those who've hare trails divisible by 10, makes sure the Brainless Award is available to the RA when he/she starts making nominations and otherwise helps out as necessary.

Special Emphasis Items

1. Count the $50 bank you are given up front to make sure it is all there and speak up if it is not. After everyone has paid, count all the money you collected and then subtract the $50 bank. Then compare the additional amount to what you wrote down on the roster to see if the amounts are the same. If not, try to figure out where the error is before handing over hash cash to the GM and then advise accordingly. Check your pockets, the area where you were collecting cash at and all around the ground as you might have dropped some it if you are short. If you were over, no problem, yea!

2. No IOUs! If they don’t have cash, advise them to either borrow it from someone, or find a nearby ATM. We’re not a bank and its really hard to keep track of who owes what. There has been a tendency in the past for people to show up with no money and want credit and then not pay it off the next time they show up. Its too difficult to keep track of and it just causes problems later. At least 2 people went over over $20 in IOUs in the past and then disputed the accuracy of their debt and haven’t been back since or rarely show up anymore because of it. So trying to be nice and letting people slide just works against the hash and has the reverse of effect of what you might think. We don’t want to loose people over stuff like that anymore, so its better to just not accept IOUs in the first place. Get the word out, NO IOUs!

3. One of the most important things we need to do is get complete virgin information and transplants from other out-of-town hashes; especially an “accurate” email address. No info is need if they are just on vacation here and plan to attend only one or two hashes. We put virgins and transplants on a private email list and then give them special invitations to attend future hashes. This gets many of them off the fence about coming back. Emailing virgins & transplants and encouraging them to come back is what keeps the hash alive. Without it, the hash dwindles.
4. Make sure you get the last name (or at least the first initial of their last name) of each virgin and just that shows up. There are a lot of common first names out there and just putting down “Just” with a fist name really makes it difficult to keep track of multiples for awards and such. For virgins and justs, always get the first name and at least the fist initial of their last name so I can distinguish them from others with similar fist names.

5. On Secs should bookmark the RA/On Sec Schedule and periodically view it to see when/if to see what dates are open and need filling, or if they are on the schedule pending their approval. Then they should communicate with the GM about getting on the schedule and or approving the schedule if their name appears on it. The GM will normally contact you to get you scheduled, but being pro-active would be most helpful. To view the RA/OnSec Schedule, go to the JRH3 website at www.jollyrogerh3.com and then scroll down to the "RA/OnSec Scheule" and click on it. The direct link to the schedule is http://www.jollyrogerh3.com/RA%20&%20On%20Sec%20Schedule.htm. All OnSecs should bookmark this link for easy access.