JRH3 2016 Pirate Invasion Hash Cruise News!
Always being updated!

Cozumel Trail: We have decided to go to Paradise Beach for the hash trail and on after. Its 6-9 mile taxi ride south from the where the ship will be docked, depending upon which dock we tie up to. Arrrive early if you want to go swimming, snorkeling, or just work on your tan next to the pool. We dock at 8 AM and trail doesn't start until 1 PMish, so you should have plenty of time one of the above activities at Paradise Beach or for an excursion of your own.

Itinerary & Trail Info: The itinerary and trail info are now available for your review. However, there still may be some last minute editing going on, so we do not suggest you print them off until the very last minute. Once we have finalized the itinerary we do suggest you print off copies and bring them with you on the cruise, as there may be limited copies available for us to hand out to you. Or for a better idea, suggest you put an e-copy of the itinerary in your mobile phones.

Hash Hotel Reservations: Contact the Bay Harbor “hash hotel”, at 813-281-8900, soonest before they fill up. Ask for group reservations and tell them you are with the Jolly Roger H3. However its probably too late to get in on our at our group rates. It used to be a Best Western, but a private company bought them out. With Gaparilla going on, they will likely sell out during our time frame.

Gasparilla: Gasparilla, Tampa’s biggest event of the year, will be taking place within walking distance of the Port of Tampa where we will be boarding our ship on Sat, Jan 30th. There hasn't been enough interest for us to set up additional transportation for this, so you will be on your own to get there. If you decide to attend, suggest you go by the port first and check in your baggage. Then you can probably put your carry on baggage (like the 2 bottles of wine you are authorized to carry on board ship) in a locker at the Splitsville Bowling Alley, located in Channelside Bay Plaza, at 615 Channelside Dr #120, Tampa, FL 33602. From there its just a couple of blocks to view the parade, https://goo.gl/maps/sGw1zzeP8Bk. Click here to view the parade route.

Cruise Beverage Packages: There will be several “Beverage Packages”, available for purchase on the 1st day of your cruise. The good news is not everyone in your cabin will be required to purchase a package if you do. However, drink orders will be tracked by the staff on a timed basis and your package will be cancelled if it appears to be excessive. Packages range from $8-$67 per day, per person. To view beverage packages, go to http://jollyrogerh3.com/Beverage%20Pkg%20Rccl.pdf.