JRH3 - 13th Annual Hash Cruise
Sat, Jan 22nd, 2022
Bon Voyage

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Shuttle to Port: 10 AM: Front of Hotel. You must reserve seats in advance with Dab, dab@jollyrogerh.com. 813-943-4855. Be prepared to take a taxi or Uber if  seats run out.

Board Ship: 11 AM - 2:30 PM: Carnival Horizon. To board, you must have boarding pass & passport (or in lieu of a passport, "a certified" birth certificate & photo ID (diver's license, mil, or state ID), plus proof of a negative COVID 19 test within 72 hours of boarding the ship.

JRH3 Onboard Registration: 3-4 PM: Go to Dab & GRC’s cabin, #7454 to register and collect your booty bag, if you haven't already done so on Fri.

Bon Voyage: 4 PM: Off we go, the ship departs.

Meet, Greet & Drink! 5:30-6 PMish?: Havana Bar, Deck 5, Aft Ship. Wear "full pirate gear" (no toy or real weapons please). No host, pay-as-you-go social. 

Photo Shoot Trail: 6 PMish?: Chalk talk and on off on trail that leads to a photo shoot! Follow sticky tabs instead of flour about the ship. No running please! Hare's most current details on FB, at https://fb.me/e/181wqYF8D.

Dine: 8 PM: Reflection (Forward) Dining Room, Deck 3, Forward Ship, in full pirate gear.

Late Night: During dinner our Mistress Of Misadventures (MOM), Math Sucks... will come around the to our diner tables and advise us on our "group" late night activity. This info will also be posted on her cabin door, cabin #2211.