JRH3 - 13th Annual Hash Cruise
Mon, Jan 24th, 2022
Another Full Day At Sea

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Breakfast: 7:30-9:30 AM: Forward or Aft Dining Room, Deck 3 and try to sit with hashers. They want everyone in your party to be present when they seat you, so you might want show up in a group.

Hash Challenge: Noon: Havana Bar, Deck 5, Aft Ship. This is a non-drinking event, but bring 'em if you want to.

Walk The Plank Hash Trail: 2 PMish:
Serenity Bar, Deck 15, Aft Ship.

Dine: 8 PM: Reflection (Forward) Dining Room, Deck 3, Forward Ship.

Late Night: During dinner our Mistress Of Misadventures (MOM), Math Sucks... will come around the to our diner tables and advise us on our "group" late night activity. This info will also be posted on her cabin door, cabin #2211.