Religious Advisor, On Sec & Hash Cash Schedule
(Receding Hareline with the RA & On Sec schedule added)

RAs & OnSecs please confirm you will or will not be attending and intend to act as the capacity as shown below where there are question marks (?). Please email to confirm or deny..

Trail #




Religious Advisor OnSec &
Hash Cash

1315 Sat, Feb 17th KittyLitter's Trail Kitty Litter Dark Helmet Dark Helmet  
1316 Wed, Feb 21st Black & Pecker Anal Wrecker (B&PAW)'s Trail B&PAW Rectal Bloody Sanchez  
1317 Tue,  Feb 27th Taco Tuesday Hash #8 Bloody Sanchez & B&PAW 2Thighs Puppy  
1318 Sat, Mar 3rd Kitty Litter's Pick Up Hash & Raffle Kitty Litter + 4 TongueInCheek Dab  
1319 Wed, Mar 7th Lee's Grocery Store Hares & Hounds Trail HPV Kitty Litter B&PAW  
1320 Wed, Mar 14th Dark Helmet's Trail Dark Helmet Bloody Sanchez Dab  
1321 Sat, Mar 17th St Puppy's Day - Beer Day Hash Puppy Rectal Dark Helmet  
1322 Wed, Mar 21st Ducky's Trail B&PAW + BloodySanchez 2Thighs Dab  
1323 Tue, Mar 27th Taco Tuesday Trail #9 Bloody Sanchez Rectal Puppy  
1324 Sat, Mar 31st Pirate Eggstravagansa Gay Rodeo Clown Bloody Sanchez B&PAW  
1325 Wed, Apr 4th Black&PeckerAnalWrecker's Trail Black&PeckerAnalWrecker 2Thighs Puppy  
1326 Wed, Apr 11th 2 Thigh's Gandy Applebee's Trail 2 Thighs Kitty Litter B&PAW  
1327 Sat, Apr 14th I Be Smart's Memorial Trail Puppy, MetaWhoricalSunshine & On Ahead Rectal B&PAW  
1328 Wed, Apr 18th Bloody Sanchez's Cherry Hooter's Trail Bloody Sanchez Rectal Dab  
1329 Tue, Apr 24th Taco Tuesday Hash #10 Where's Baldo & Bloody Sanchez Rectal Dab  
1330 Sat, Apr 28th National Superhero Day Hash Gay Rodeo Clown 2 Thighs Dab  
1331 Wed, May 2nd Tongue In Cheek's 6th JRH3 Lay Tongue In Cheek 2Thighs B&PAW  
1332 Wed, May 9th Rectal Room Mate's 38th JRH3 Lay Rectal Room Mate Bloody Sanchez Puppy  
1333 Sat, May 12th Phuck Pocket's Beer Day Hash Phuck Pocket, U-Drive... & HPV KittyLitter Dab  
1334 Wed, May 16th Virgin Mobile's Virgin JRH3 Lay Virgin Mobile 2Thighs Dab  
1335 Fri, May 18th SPH3: Ginnie Springs-Pirate Invasion Trail Just Erik (AJ) & Bloody Sanchez 2Thighs Dab  
1336 Sat, May 19th JRH3: Ginnie Springs Float Hash SoFLH3 SoFLH3 Dab  
- Sat, May 19th TBH3: Ginnie Springs-ABC Shot Stop Crawl 2Thighs & MetwhoricalSunshine Rectal Dab  
1337 Tue, May 22nd Taco Tuesday Hash #11/Tutu Trail Bloody Sanchez Kitty Litter Dab  
- Sat, May 26th Blue & White Pub Crawl U-Drive... - -  
1338 Wed,  May 30th St Pete Applebees Dab Bloody Sanchez B&PAW  
1339 Wed, Jun 6th Virgin Mobile's Redemption Trail Virgin Mobile 2 Thighs Puppy


1340 Sat, Jun 9th Gaspar's Karaoke Trail Inda Linda KittyLitter Dark Helmet  
1341 Wed, Jun 13th Tongue In Cheek's 7th JRH3 Lay Tongue In Cheek 2Thighs B&PAW  
1342 Wed, Jun 20th Seman Sucker's Virgin JRH3 Lay Just Erik & Seman Sucker Rectal B&PAW  
1343 Sat, Jun 23rd Blue Oyster C'nt's Virgin JRH3 Lay Blue Oyster C'nt 2Thighs VirginMobile  
1344 Tue, Jun 26th Taco Tuesday Trail #12 Bloody Sanchez
Kitty Litter

B&PAW Virgin Mobile

Acting GM: KL
Beer Meister: BS

1345 Wed, Jul 4th Independance Ummmm Day Trail 2InchesInLadyBoy 2Thighs Dark Helmet

Acting GM: KL

1346 Sat, Jul 7th Tour De Hash/Shiggy Fest Trail Where's Baldo & ICP TongueInCheek VirginMobile  
1347 Tue, Jul 10th Tour De Hash - Taco Tuesday Hash #13 Bloody Sanchez Rectal Room Mate VirginMobile  
1348 Wed, Jul 18th Metawhorical - Scissor Cock Trail Meta & Tipless SC 2Thighs Puppy  
1349 Sat, Jul 21st Ping's 10 Year Hashing Anniversary Bicycle Hash PingPongPenisPaddler 2 Thighs Dab  
1350 Tue, Jul 24th Taco Tuesday Hash #14 BloodySanchez & Vigin Mobile Rectal B&PAW Rectal gone
3 -19 Aug
1351 Wed, Aug 1st Puppy's Trail Puppy TongueInCheek VirginMobile Rectal & KL unable
1352 Sat, Aug 4th Kitty Litter's Trail Kitty Litter Bloody Sanchez Puppy Rectal & DH unable
1353 Wed, Aug 8th ChooChooHamHam's Virgin JRH3 Lay ChooChooHamHam & Bloody Sanchez 2Thighs DarkHelmet Rectal unable
1354 Wed, Aug 15th Dog F'r's Trail Dog F'r BloodySanchez B&PAW Rectal & KL unable
1355 Sat, Aug 18th Hurl Surong's Virgin JRH3 Lay Hurl Surong 2Thighs & KittyLitter Dab Rectal unable
1356 Wed, Aug 22nd Tutu Hash Blue Oyster C't BloodySanchez Virgin Mobile Rectal back
1357 Wed, Aug 29th TBD Need Hare(s)! Rectal? Puppy?  
1358 Sat, Sep 1st Funny Shirt Hash TongueInCheek & DoubleD TBD TBD  
1359 Wed, Sep 5th TBD Need hare(s)! TBD TBD  

? Not yet confirmed, waiting to hear from individual. Z z