Religious Advisor, On Sec & Hash Cash Schedule
(Receding Hareline with the RA & On Sec schedule added)

RAs & OnSecs please confirm you will or will not be attending and intend to act as the capacity as shown below where there are question marks (?). Please email to confirm or deny..

Trail #




Religious Advisor OnSec &
Hash Cash


1292 Wed, Nov 8th Bloody Sanchez's Blind Goat Trail Bloody Sanchez Rectal Puppy  
1293 Sat, Nov 11th B&B's Memorial Red Dress Run & Pub Crawl Urine Trouble & HPV Bloody Sanchez Dab  
1295 Wed, Nov 15th Veteran's Day/Week Trail Dab Kitty Litter Dark Helmet  
1296 Tue, Nov 21st Taco Tuesday Trail #6 Bloody Sanchez 2Thighs Dab  
1297 Sat, Nov 25th 2 Thighs' & Ping's Beer Day Musthash Trail 2 Thighs & Ping KittyL:ittter Dab  
1298 Wed, Nov 29th Cow Fluffer's & Bloody Sanchez's Trail Cow Fluffer & Bloody Sanchez Kitty Litter Dark Hlmet  
1298 Wed, Dec 6th Open I-DreamOfWeenies 2 Thighs Dab & B&PAW  
1300 Sat, Dec 9th Trail #1300 Metawhorical Sunshine 2 Thighs Dab & B&PAW  
1301 Wed, Dec 13th Black & Pecker Anal Wrecker's 4th JRH3 Trail Black & Pecker Anal Wrecker Rectal Dark Helmet  
1302 Wed, Dec 19th Christmas Lights Trail HPV & Urine Trouble Bloody Sanchez Puppy  
1303 Sat, Dec 23rd Christmas Eve, Eve Trail Black & Pecker Anal Wrecker Rectal Dark Helmet  
1304 Tue, Dec 26th Taco Tuesday Hash #6 Bloody Sanchez Kitty Litter Dab  
1305 Wed, Jan 3rd Puppy's Hooter's Trail Puppy Bloody Sanchez B&PAW  
1306 Sat, Jan 6th BrokeBucketMountain's & VagingersInBabysitting 's
 Virgin JRH3 Lay
BrokeBucketMountain, VagingersInBabysitting & 2 Thighs KittyLitter Dab  
1307 Wed, Jan 10th Kazbor's Grille Trail Rectal & Dab KittyLitter Puppy  
1308 Wed, Jan 17th The Letter "H" Kitty Litter & Suck It Up Daisy Bloody Sanchez Dark Helmet  
1309 Sat, Jan 20th Onesie Hash & Bar Crawl 2 Thighs & Just Chelsea (N) Rectal Dark Helmet  
1310 Tue, Jan 23rd Taco Tuesday Hash #7 Bloody Sanchez 2 Thighs B&PAW  
1311 Wed, Jan 31st Dab's Trail Dab KittyLitter? Puppy?  
1312 Sat, Feb 3rd JRH3 14th Beer Day Trail Blo-N-Go Open Open  
1313 *Wed, Feb 7th Open Open Open Open  
1314 Wed, Feb 14th Valentines Day Hash Open Open Open  
1315 Sat, Feb 17th Open Open Open Open  
1316 Wed, Feb 21st Open Open Open Open  
1317 Tue,  Feb 27th Taco Tuesday Hash #8 Open Open Open  

? Not yet confirmed, waiting to hear from individual.