Religious Advisor & On Sec/Hash Cash Schedule
(Receding Hareline with the RA & On Sec schedule added)

RAs & OnSecs please confirm you will or will not be attending and intend to act as the capacity as shown below where there are question marks (?). Please email to confirm or deny..

Trail #




Religious Advisor OnSec &
Hash Cash

1447 Wed, Dec 11th Wing House Trail Dab BPAW Quick'nMoans  
1448 Sat, Dec 14th Dark Helmet's Christmassy Trail Dark Helmet 2Thighs Dab  
1449 Wed, Dec 18th Christmas Lights In Seminole Heights HPV Bloody Sanchez Dab  
1450 Thu. Dec 26th TBD Metawhorical Sunshine & Tainted Love Virgin Mobile Dab  
1451 Sat, Dec 28th Cappy's Pizzeria Trail Black And Pecker Anal Wrecker HPV Dab  
1452 Wed, Jan 1st Virgin Mobile's Trial Virgin Mobile MetawhoricalSunshine Dab  
1453 Sat, Jan 4th Will Sing For Head's Beer Day Trail & Party Will Sing For Head Dark Helmet Dark Helmet  
1454 Wed, Jan 8th Quick'n Moan's 3rd JRH3 Lay Quick'n Moans HPV Dab  
1455 Wed, Jan 15th Just Joe's Virgin JRH3 Trail Just Joe & Peas On My Face 2 Thighs Open  
1456 Fri, Jan 17th JRH3 Pirate Invasion Hash Cruiuse Pre-Lube Hah Open Open Open  
1457 Sat, Jan 18th JRH3  Hash Cruiuse Photo Shoot Hash (aboard ship) Open Open Open  
1458 Sun Key West Invasion Key West H3 Open Open  
1459 Mon Walk The Plank Hash  (aboard ship) Open Open Open  
1460 Tue Grand Cayman  Invasion Math Sucks... Open Open  
1461 Wed Cozumel Invasion Open Open Open  
1462 Wed Just Eric L's Virgin Lay & Tutu Hash - Back In Tampa Just Eric L & 2 Thighs Open Open  
1463 Thu Costa Maya GRC Open Open  
1464 Fri Swing Low Hash (aboard ship) Open Open Open  
1465 Wed Open Open Open Open  
1466 Sat, Feb 1st JRH3 14the Anniversay Trail Open Open Open  
1467 Wed, Feb 5th Open Open Open Open  

Available RA's = 2 Thighs And A Side, Black & Pecker Anal Wrecker, Rectal Room Mate, Tootsie Hole, Virgin Mobile

Available On Sec's: Dark Helmet, Quicken Moans

GM & Back Up Everything:

? Not yet confirmed, waiting to hear from individual.