Religious Advisor, On Sec & Hash Cash Schedule
(Receding Hareline with the RA & On Sec schedule added)

RAs & OnSecs please confirm you will or will not be attending and intend to act as the capacity as shown below where there are question marks (?). Please email to confirm or deny..

Trail #




Religious Advisor OnSec &
Hash Cash


1256 Sat, May 20th, PM Lingerie Shot Stop Trail GRC & They Float Rectal Dab  
1257 Wed, May 24th Dark Helmet's Virgin JRH3 Lay Dark Helmet Rectal Dab  
1258 Wed, May 31st Memorial Day Trail Captain America BloodySanchez Puppy  
1259 Wed, Jun 7th Northwest Tampa Trail Bloody Sanchez Rectal Dab  
1260 Sat, Jun 10th Telecom Park Trail Where's Baldo Tongue In Cheek DDLimbo  
1261 Wed, Jun 14th Tongue In Cheek's Brickyard Tavern & Tap Trail Tongue In Cheek Bloody Sanchez Puppy  
1262 Wed, Jun 21th Dog Dick Limbo's 1st Solo Trail Dog Dick Limbo Tongue In Cheek BloodySanchez  
1263 Sat, Jun 24th Pool Party Hash & Raffle LockedUpAbroad & FieldOfStreams Tongue In Cheek DDLimbo  
1264 Wed, Jun 27th Hooter's Hash Da-Bad-Oo 2Thighs TongueInCheek  
1265 Wed, Jul 5th Jamaica Me Crazy's Virgin JRH3 Lay Jamaica Me Crazy Bloody Sanchez Dab  
1266 Sat, Jul 8th Tour De Hash Trail #2: Dab & GRC's 10th Wedding Anniversary White Dress/Dress White Rerun Dab & GRC Kitty Litter BloodySanchez  
1267 Wed, Jul 12th Lumber Jack Off  2md Annual Vacation Trail Luber Jack Off 2 Thighs Dab  
1268 Wed, Jul 19th

No F'cka Da Ballz Virgin JRH3 Lay

No F'cka Da Ballz Bloody Sanchez Puppy  
1269 Sat, Jul 22nd Tutu Hash HPV & Bloody Sanchez Ktty Litter Dab  
1270 Tue, Jul 25th Taco Tuesday Hash Bloody Sanchez Rectal Room Mate Dab  
1271 Wed, Aug 2nd Taint Tickler's Trail Taint Tickler Kitty Litter Bloody Sanchez  
1272 Sat, Aug 5th Black & Pecker Anal Wrecker's 2nd JRH3 Trail Black & Pecker Anal Wrecker 2 Thighs Dab  
1273 Wed, Aug 9th Fetish Con Hash Taint Tickler Kitty Litter DarkHelmet  
1274 Wed, Aug 16th USF Bulls Back To School Trail Where's Baldo BloodySanchez DarkHelmet  
1275 Sat, Aug 19th Bicycle Beach Trail Dab & GRC Rectal Room Mate DarkHelmet  
1276 Wed, Aug 22nd Taco Tuesday #2 - Tutu Hash Bloody Sanchez & 2 Thighs Kitty Litter Dab  
1277 Wed, Aug 30th The Letter "G" Kitty Litter ShittyName Bloody Sanhez

Kitty Litter will be the Acting GM

1278 Sat, Sep 2nd Where's Baldo's Dirty Thirty Beer Day Trail Where's Baldo 2 Thighs Dab  
1279 Wed, Sep 6th Dab's Beer Day Trail Dab Bloody Sanchez Dab  
1280 Wed, Sep 13th Hooter's Hash Septic Yank 2 Thighs Dab  
1281 Sat, Sep 16th Locked Up Abroad's Beer Day Trail Locked Up Abroad Kitty Litter Dab  
1282 Wed, Sep 20th Dark Helmet's Trail Dark Helmet Rectal Room Mate Dab  
1283 Tue, Sep 26th Taco Tuesday  Hash #4 Bloody Sanchez 2Thighs? Dark Helmet?  
1284 Sat, Sep 30th Pvt Snowball's Tour Duh Hare Trail Private Snowball Open Open  
1285 Wed, Oct 4th Open Open Open Open  
1286 Wed, Oct 11th Open Open Open Open  
1287 Sat, Sep 14th Zombie Hash Inda Linda & 2 Thighs Open Open  

? Not yet confirmed, waiting to hear from individual.