Greeting:  Trail #1296, Nov 21st, 2017,  Can somebody pass out chalk?

Hand Out Chalk/Chalk Talk:

1st Timers & Virgins: Name, Made U cum? Song, joke,...

Returning Visitors? Maybe a song from your home hash?

Introductions! I'm __________, who are you & you & you?

Previous FRB: Black&PeckerAR, WillSing4Head,  HPV, SloppyRedWings, CatSnatchLeaveHer, BloodyZ, BloodySanchez, SepticYank, RectalRoomMate, WhineyBitch

Previous FBI: 2Thights, JustTaylor, JustEvy(H), Whorenament, IDreamOf2Weenies, TheseAreTheTits.., JustSarah(C), IndaLinda, BoobOnGroupOn,  PollyWanna, JustChristina(P), CowFluffer

Naming Candidates: _________________________

Hare Blessing: Our lager, which art in barrels, hallowed be thy drink. They will be drunk, (I will be drunk), At home as in the tavern. Give us this day our foamy head, and forgive us our spillages, as we forgive those who spill against us. And lead us not to incarcerations, but deliver us from hangovers. For thine is the beer, the bitter, and the lager. Forever and ever, Barmen.

Repeat After Me: Repeat after me! Bless this hare, bless this trail, coppus no catch us, doggus no bite us. In the name of flour, the fun and the holy run, On Off.