Circle Up: Trail #1310, Jan 23rd, 2018, Can somebody collect chalk!

Trail Trial: (THE MINORITY SHOULD DRINK!) Thumps Up, Thumbs down, Up your Ass!

FRB & FBI: Fill in names here → ___________________

1st Timers, Virgins: Good time? Cum back? Entertainment? Down Down Inst: Put the cup in your hand, beer in the cup...

Returning Visitors: Song from your home hash?

Whistles: 5 Runs: SundaySchoolStroker, TaintlessSuperman, TieMeUpTrebek, TJTacoJockey, Bananas: 10:AOL.COM, Banana, Chippendale, ComeFlyTheFurrySkies, CumChuckler, FingerInTheDike, HopsOnPops, Squrtle 69:ClockBlocker 250:IndaLinda Hare Tags: 10:TaintTickler (not yet purchased), 20:IndaLinda 60:KittyLitter (not yet purchased), 100:GRC

Brainless Award Cleansing & Nominations:  (2Thigh & FossilF'r), Black&PeckerAW, BrokeBucketMountain, Puppy, (BloodyS & SuckItUpDaisy), HPV, (CowFluffer & BloodyS), (2Thighs, Ping & PolyDoesn'tKnow), (HPV, Urine, U-Drive), BloodySanchez

General Accusations: Ck Suckrs, Birthdays, Anlv's, Theme, Gone2Lng, LateCmr, Awrdls, Attire, Auto, NewShoes, Not Hared In 6 Mo, Departing Hashr, Other?

Namings, Announcements & End of Circle: Next Hash/Upcoming Events? Do We Need Hares? On after?

Closing Song: Men's Version: Swing low, sweet chariot, cumg, zzzzzz..... OR, Ladies Version: Swing low, sweet chariot, cuming, cuming.... May the hash go in peace!