Circle Up: Trail #1269, Jul 22nd, 2017 Collect Chalk!

Trail Trial: Thumps Up, Thumbs down, Up your Ass!

FRB/FBI: ____________________________________.

1st timers & Virgins:
Good time? Cum back? Entertainment?
Down Down Inst: Put the cup in your hand, beer in the cup...

Returning Visitors: Song from your home hash?

Whistles: 5 Runs: JustGordon(P), JustJerrica(F), JustJoe(B), JustJoe(C), JustLauren(W), JustMellisa(H) JustTony(J), TaintlessSuperman

Bananas: 10:BrokeLegMountHer, ChinaLg, ComeFlyTheFurrySkies, CumChuckle, HopsOnPops, ItStillSquirts, JustAustin(M), RektalSpielunker,  Shocked 25:PinkTaco, RectumRider 150:2Thighs
175:SloppyRW, U-Drive Hare Tags: None right now.

Brainless Award Cleansing & Then Nominations: NoF'ckaDaBallz, SepticYank, BloodySanchez, TongueInCheek, BarebackFlyer, 2Thighs, TieMeUpTrebek, CumChuckler, ToyzInTheHood, HPV, FieldOfStreams, Dab

General Accusations:
Ck Suckrs, Birthdays, Anlv's,
Theme, Gone2Lng, LateCmr, Awrdls, Attire, Auto,  NewShoes, Not Hared In 6 Mo, Departing Hashr, Other?

Naming's: ______________________

Announcements: Need hares? Next hash? On after?

End of Circle:  Swing Low / May the hash go in peace!