Circle Up: Trail #1456, Jan 17th, 2020, Ask somebody collect chalk!

Trail Trial: Thumps Up, Down,... (MINORITY SHOULD DRINK!)

1st Timers, Virgins:
Good time? Cuming back? Entertainment?

Visitors & Returning Visitors:
Song from your home hash?

FRB_____ FBI______ The end only, not the BS! Nobody cares about the BS!

Whistles: 5 Runs: HowIMetMyMember, JustJulioVG, JustKarenK, MathSucks'Guest(JustMattL), TaintedLove, Bananas: 10:DJTacoJockey, FingerIntheDyke, FossilF'r, GunRack, Jugs, KetchupMustardOnionsPicklesBLECH!, SpringRollHole, Studmuffin 25:MarcoDrildo 50:HelenSmeller, TongueInCheek 69:CumUnalVaJJ, FartConnor 150:DogF'r 625:GRC HareTags: Nobody right now.

Previous Brainless Award Winner: Jugs, MetawhoricalSunshine, PeasOnMyFace, MarcoDrildo, JustEricL, JustEllisD, Dab, HPV, IDreamOf2Weenies, BPAW

Today's Brainless Winner: Fill in name here

General Accusations: Birthday & Anniversaries, Themeless, Gone2Lng, LateCmr, Awrdls, Attire, Auto, NewShoes, Hared in 6 Months? Departing Hshr, Other?

Namings, Announcements: Next Hash? Events? Hares? On after?

Clsng Sng - Man Sht Ver: Swing low, sweet chariot, cuming, zzz..
Clsng Sng - Lady Sht Ver:
Swing low, sweet chariot, cuming,......

End of Circle: May the hash go in peace!