Circle Up: Trail #1598, Aug 17th, 2022:  Welcome to the circle for JRH3 trail #1596...

Chalk: If you haven't already done so, please put your chalk in the orange bucket!

Trail Trial: Thumps Up, Down,... (MINORITY SHOULD DRINK!)

1st Timers, Virgins:
Good time? Cuming back? Entertainment?

Visitors & Returning Visitors:
Song from your home hash?

FRB__________________, FBI__________________ The end only, not the BS! Nobody cares about the BS!

Whistles: 5 Runs: 1TrickDick, BubbleLickUs, GingerPegMann, HowIMetMyMember, JustAmyL Bananas: 10:MIA, Re-ErectorSex, SprechenSieDouche 25:ShittingBull, 325:ShittyName

Tags: None right now.

Previous Brainless Award Winner:
 ShittingBull, 2Rung, On Ahead, KISS, 3Holer, GrittyKitty, DaisyDykes, O4Whore, Dab, BPAW

Today's Brainless Winner: Fill in name here

Chalk Suckers: Does anybody still have chalk? Drink because I asked for it earlier.

General Accusations:
Birthdays, Not hared in 6 months, Themeless, Gone2Lng, LateCmr, Awrdls, H3 Attire, Auto Hashing, Shoes, Departing, Other?

Namings, Announcements: Need hares? Next hash? Major Events? Where's the On after?

Closing Song: Skip this! Or, just do a short version, unless we have "local" virgins attending.

End of Circle: May the hash go in peace!