Help Save the Ta-Ta's!
I know everyone is excited about our 700 trail coming up next week on Friday, August 12th! As an added bonus we will be holding a donation drive for  The Breast Cancer Research Foundation.
 All money collected will be donated to help Save the Ta-Ta's! Donations will be collected before beginning circle, before end circle, and after end circle (none will be collected during circles or on trail so not to interfere with the flow of the hash). There is no change to the theme or anything like that, just bring a little extra cash if ya got it to donate and enjoy the trail! On top of donations collected at the hash we have a special once in a lifetime auction for our hashers.
Shave the Bromance!

The Bromance will be putting their whiskers on the line for the cause! We will both be putting down $25 each to "keep" our beards and the person that donates the most over the $25 bottom limit will SHAVE OFF A BEARD. You will be able to donate to either FuckleUp or Shipwrecktum, so if Ship's top bid is at $30 and Fuckle's is only $26, you can bid $27 on Fuckle and become the new top bid to shave off Fuckle's beard. The $25 dollars we are both putting down to keep our beards will be donated no matter what happens. We will not trim our beards before the 700 hash... so they'll be extra bushy for ya! (Attached is a photo of our lovely beards).

All bids will be made directly to me through E-mail.
To make a bid on either beard E-mail me at:
All E-mails need to provide their hash name, amount bid, and which beard they are bidding on.
I will reply back to you ASAP to tell you if you're the top bid and if not what the current top bid is.

I will post both the names of top bidders and the amounts bid for both beards once (maybe twice) a day to not spam the yahoo groups page and all our inbox's. Bidding will end as soon as I leave for the hash on Friday (probably 5:45ish). No bidding will be accepted at the actual hash. The winners and the shaving will be done during end circle before hash announcements. We will be providing the electric trimmers (sorry, no razors guys!) and any other things required. No shaving of eyebrows, hair, genitals, chest... this is for charity guys, don't make us regret it. If you want to make a bid to get rid of those beards but don't actually want to do the physical shaving you can always ask for a substitute shaver. We will collect the donations from the top bidders after circle. Cash is fine. Checks should be OK but are sometimes tricky and I should be getting an answer back about the details soon.

So come on out to the 700 trail, where there will be fun, beer, and two less bearded hashers!

On-On for the Cure!

If you have any questions about any of this E-mail me directly.

F*ckleUp: That E-mail is: