Jolly Roger H3
of the Tampa Bay Metro Area
Run #555
Rectal's Triple Nickel B-Day Hash
Tuesday, April 27th, 2010
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Hare Blessing

Rectal is the Hare,
Along with his friend Wanna,
The weather is heating up,
But it isn't yet a sauna.
A special Tuesday Trail,
Just for our birthday stud.
Rectal is another year older,
And still spanking his pud.
Last year he was pretty in Pink
And he rocked the Princess Crown.
If he doesn't rock it again,
He'll have to do a down-down.
Live or dead trail,
It wouldn't matter either way.
So run real fast,
To catch theses Hares today.
For of all the Hares that have ever laid Trail,
This can surely be said.
Rectal is the only hare ever snared,
On a trail that was dead.

Repeat after me

Bless these Hares
Bless this trail
Coppus, no stop us
Taint-us, no moon us
Truck us, no tow our car us
In the name of the Flour
And the Fun
And the Holy Run

Hares Away!


Hash Trash

RectalRoomMate & WannaEarnAnA were the hares, Ascapade drove the beer truck, BlindPussy was the FRB and HeadPlantVagina was the Brainless Award winner. MathSucks & WannaEarnAnA were the Beer Angels. WhineyBitch was the OnSec in training and CasualFriday was the RA.


Holy dirty hash shoes! Another fabulous turnout of 44 wankers at the Jolly Roger hash showed up to give RectalRoomate all the birthday lovin’ he could want on 2-finger day! Rectal and Wanna laid a fantastic trail for the Triple Nickel hash--thank you very much for your haring efforts! We enjoyed the return of the “gone too longs”… and a big happy birthday to Sexy Wetback, as well! Once again, the massive blowjobs were a success; noting HPV is on some kind of roll sporting you-know-what in his shorts despite being late for his showing! A good handful of virgin harriers were added to the JRH3 mix and I’m digging the odds, baby! I want to thank the hares for all the plentiful gentlemen’s checks on trail and my face-spooging; you made my week fantastically complete! Thank you Blind Pussy for a fine hare blessing and giving us all the opportunity to watch you give it to yourself in the middle of circle…let me vote to make that a hash tradition! I am not going to thank Rectal for the NO (effing) BEER sign on trail; however I will note that he sucks! Thank you FlyingUnderTheInfluence for showing off your party tricks with a stolen city traffic cone, and thank you TaintTickler for once again, pretending that you don’t want to play in the circle when you know that’s all you dream about (and trannies wearing granny panties). We were all very impressed with HPV taking the brainless award like a man; he emptied the entire skull into his gullet for being late for a blowjob…there are certain things men should never be late for, just sayin'. It was time for Just Derrick to accept his new hash name, as he will now and forever more until we decide to change it, be known as MillimeterPeter. He'll have to get used to all the hot and horny hashers lining up to check out the story behind his new name, and we can thank ShitzAhoy for that entry (how did he know?). Thank you Asscapades for driving 69 miles to volunteer to be our bestest beer van driver despite your bad back…YOU ROCK! Thank you beer angels Wanna and Math for keeping the pack lubed and ready for action, thank you WhineyBitch for having my backside! Last, but most important, thank you Dab (GM) for allowing the opportunity for all this fun to happen on a weekly basis!

We also know Sunday is not a day of rest, so...GET ON YOUR BIKES AND RIDE!!!

See you at the JRH3 Adventure Hash this Sunday,
Casual Friday

Jolly Roger H3
of the Tampa Bay Metro Area
Run #555
RectalRoomMate's Triple Nickle B-Day Hash
Tuesday, April 27th, 2010

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