Jolly Roger H3
of the Tampa Bay Metro Area
Run #556
Spring-Summer Adventure Hash
Bicycle Hash, Take 2
Sunday, May 2nd, 2010
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Hare Blessing

Dab & GRC tried this trail before
But the rain washed away what was in store
We try again as the sun is hot
And hope the trail loses us not
15 miles + a water crossing to find
May the 85 degrees + my not melt our mind

Bless this trail
Bless the hares
Flat tire no slow us
Lot of bard chest please show us
In the name of the flour
The fun
& the howlly bike  run
On off...

HotQuarter Load
Hash Trash

Dab & GRC were the hares, WhineyBitch was the FRB & the OnSec, Taint won the Brainless Award and HotQuarterLoad ran the circle. Just Joni was named TagMyJuicyTarget.


Sunday was hotter than Taint Tickler's ass in see-through under-drawers; yet plenty of hearty wanks showed up to ride a challenging trail laid by GRC and Dab in Flatwoods Preserve. What a trail it was! Big thanks to GRC and Dab for bringing us water up to the cracks of our asses, mud that soiled our underwear (okay, most of us), and quicksand that the knobbiest of tires and knees had a hell of a time getting through! What a riot-and-a-half! I still want to know how MathSucks managed to get through all the crap while not getting a splash of anything on her coral-colored pedal-pushers. If I wasn’t such a lady, I would have thrown my mud-filled shoe at Miss Princesspants. Huge kudos to hearty Hot Quarter Load for hauling champagne and ice on his back for a much welcomed champagne stop! Two water stops were well-used to allow the pack to re-form and regenerate. Many laurels thrown to Lepracock for FINISHING ON BIG RED; I know my cheerleading got him through the rough spots, “Shift in low-gear and power-through!” which cost me much mud kicked in my face.

Thanks to GRC for also driving the beer truck and Bed & Buckfest for keeping the pack lubed-up in circle. Thank you Hot Load for leading our exhausted fannies through a fun circle, and thanks again to Whiney Bitch for watching Hot Load’s backside (you know you like it!). Good to see WillSing4Head again after a 69-year hiatus, who showed up to take the FRB chain from a girl. Congratulations to Just Jonie, as she will now and forevermore be known as, until we decide to change it, “TagMyJuicyTarget.” Once again, Taint stole the brainless award show for not stopping at any of the 3 hash halts; and not winning the chain.

Most of all, thanks to our GM, Dabadoo for allowing the adventurous fun to happen, and to all you hashers who decided to spend your beautiful Sunday with a bunch of Jolly Roger wankers!

Casual Friday

Jolly Roger H3
of the Tampa Bay Metro Area
 Hash #556
Spring-Summer Adventure Series #2
Off Road Bicycle Hash (Bash) - Take 2
Sunday, May 2nd, 2010

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