Jolly Roger H3
of the Tampa Bay Metro Area
Run #576
Sunday, July 4th, 2010
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Hare Blessing

Here's to GRC, CasualFriday & TasteMyRainbow too
They're our through & through

This is the Yank Your Noodle Dandy Trail, on Independance Day
They could've called it a 4th of July Hash but this sounds more gay

There will be a beer stop and firecracker in you belly shot stop too
So lets get on with it as there's a lot to do

Repeat after me:

Bless these hares
Bless this trail
Coppus no catch us
doggus no bit us
heatus no strokeus
lightning no strike us
In the name of the flour
The fun
And the holy run

On out...


Hash Trash

GRC, CasualFriday and TasteMyRainbow were the hares. MotherLoad was the FRB and TaintTickler got the Brainless Award.


Holy hash shenanigans! It was the 4th Of July weekend and time for some JRH3 hashy fun; and boy we had plenty of it! Haring with GRC and TasteMyRainbow (her virgin lay), I was forced to taste-test the red, the white, and the blue shots on the beach (thank you GRC, you rock!). This stop was quite hilarious as the hares did their best to leave a shelter which was shredded by adverse weather conditions and left for dead in a dumpster. The good news is the shots were intact; the bad news is TaintTickler told a Virgin Harriette to steal the hash flag at the shot stop, so he could steal it from her and claim himself as the hash wiener. Oh yes, they both drank for the shot-stop caper; and they were lucky I didnít call for a butt-chug off of the truck driver who was waiting for Taint at Circle.

Circle was fantastic, and started out with a 9-year old virgin who sang the National Anthem and had our lower lips quivering. Then we moved on to hash shenanigans where Taint claimed the brainless award for stealing the hash flag and lying about it, and MotherLoad won the heavy chain and a date with FuckleUpís Mom. U-DriveI'llF*ck, JustErin and Fluff4F*ck climbed in a semi-driverís cab and watched porn on his DVD player while Taint was teaching the child-virgin how to properly execute a down-down.

Thank you Tag for being the most efficient beer angel, everÖyou did a bang up job, even when you couldnít walk a straight line or finish a sentence. GRC, thanks for playing both hare and Beer Van Driver, I love a woman who multi-tasks! Dab, thanks for playing Beer Meister, Hash Cash, On-Sec, RA, and GM; not sure when you had time to drink your scotch! Most of all, thanks to all festive wankers who took time on the sacred 4th of July holiday to have tons of fun with fellow JRH3 hashers! You canít go wrong hashing at the beach rain or shine; or hashing anywhere, for a matter of fact!

Casual Friday

Trail Directions & Info

Jolly Roger H3
of the Tampa Bay Metro Area
With On-after Beach Fireworks Show
Run #576
Independance Day Hash
Sunday, July 4th, 2010

RSVPs are no longer necessary. Just show up. Everyone is welcome!

What: Don't have anything planned for the 4th of July yet? Come on out to St. Pete Beach, do a JRH3 trail and then sit on the beach and watch all the fireworks. You can see the fireworks go off along the coast all the way to Clearwater Beach. The show goes on for hours. Please note, there will not be a JRH3 hash on Saturday, July 3rd due to this special Sunday, 4th of July Hash.

Where: Meet in the park parking lot behind The Drunken Clam, located at 46 46th Ave, in St Pete Beach, FL. You can park there for free if you can get a space. Its at the corner of Gulf Blvd and 46th Ave. Click here for a map. Parking is for park patrons only until 5:00 PM. Leaving your car there unattended before 5:00 PM will result in it getting towed. So, if you choose to park there stay close to your vehicle until 5:00 PM. OR, there is pay parking across Gulf Blvd next to where we will watch fireworks later.

When: Meet at 4:00 PM, on trail at 5:00 PMish. However, if you're not in a parking space somewhere within walking distance of the start by 1:00 PM, you probably should not bother to attend because the traffic and parking situation in the St Pete Beach area is tough on the 4th of July. After about noon, Gulf Blvd almost becomes a parking lot itself. Traffic moves very slowly as people look for parking. The earlier you arrive in the area the better. Suggest you arrive in the morning and spend the day at the beach before the hash. We cannot stress how important it is to get there early on the 4th of July. As a matter of fact, we've planned a "Beat-The-Crowd-Brunch" at Skidders

Beat-The-Crowd-Brunch @ Skidders: Come join us at Skidders at 11:00 AM, Sunday morning for brunch and beat the crowd to the beach. Skidders is located at 5799 Gulf Blvd. Click here for a map.

Directions: Click here for a map of the hash starting location, The Drunken Clam.

Trail: This will be 3-5 mile trail with one beverage stop in a bar and one "Fireworks-In-Your-Belly" shot stop on the beach. There will be mild shiggy.

Theme: Wear something patriotic.

Donations: Suggest $10 for drinkers and $5 for non-drinkers. Beverages will be provided before trail out of the beer van, at a bar for a beverage stop, a bonus "Fireworks-In-Your-Belly" shot stop on the beach, out of the beer truck during circle at the end and out of the beer truck next to the beach during the fireworks display on the beach. Donations are negotiable if you do not stay for fireworks.

Hares: GayRodeoClown, CasualFriday & TasteMyRainbow will be the hares.

On After (On On): The on after will be at the Drunken Clam back at the start where they will have $5 pitchers.

On On On: At dusk, around 8:30 PM, go directly across the street to the beach where the beer van will be positioned for continued beverage and watch fireworks. Suggest you bring lawn chairs for the show.

Phone Number: For more information, or in case you get lost, call our mobile phone at 813-943-4855.

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