Jolly Roger H3
of the Tampa Bay Metro Area
Trail #672
Metawhorical  Sunshine's Virgin Lay
Wednesday, May 18th, 2011
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Hare Blessing

Metawhorical Sunshine is getting schooled today
There better be a wall of cock, or I won’t play

With a 3-mile trail there should be lots of flour
Or it will be the hares, who the pack will devour

I hear walkers hash for $3 today, and that’s one hell of a sale
It gives them huge incentive to NOT get lost on trail

Repeat after me;

Bless these hares
Bless this trail
Coppus no stop us
Trail no cross us
Hazmat no clean us
And arguing about hash rules no delay us

In the name of the flour
The fun
And the holy run!


Casual Friday

Hash Trash(es)

GRC and Metawhorical Sunshine were the hares, Swamp Ass was the FRB ,and Dab won the Brainless Award.


Thank you GRC, Metawhorical and Whiney for laying trail for us wanks!  Circle was fun and I want to thank all 29 wanks who attended the JRH3 hash on a school night!  Thank you UT for keeping the pack lubed during circle, I know it was crazy keeping up with all of us!  Thanks to those wanks who contributed hash songs, and thank you Mother Load for donating your body for blowjob execution.  Thanks also to Whiney for picking up On-Sec duty and as always, a toast to Dab for making all of this laughter happen in front of our eyes.  YOU GUYS ROCK!   

Lessons learned while laughing… 

1.       A certain harrier can “wank it out” at any ballgame, at any time.

2.       “A+” for chalk people creativity, “D-“ for artistic skill.

3.       Just because my initials are on it, does not mean it is mine.

4.       “Hotter/Colder” keeps a blowjob on-track.

5.       Kilts should be mandatory for harriers volunteering BJ duty.

6.       Dogs hash better in shiggy than wanks wearing flip-flops.

7.       A certain harrier grabs his own junk a lot.  Got crabs?

8.       True stories from a virgin are always better than jokes.

9.       When your joke fails, save yourself and take your pants off.

10.   When in doubt about anything; consider it a package check. 

On-On Wankers!
Casual Friday


Trail Directions & Info

Jolly Roger H3
of the Tampa Bay Metro Area
Run #672
Metawhorical Sunshine's Virgin Lay
Wednesday, May 18th, 2011

Where: Park your car in the far rear parking lot behind Carrabba's Italian Grill, located at 700 N Dale Mabry, in Tampa, FL. Then cross Cass St to the south, on foot, to find the starting location at 8812 W Cass Street. Its a parking lot for a closed down business.

When: Meet at 6:30 PM, on trail at 7:30 PM.

Directions: From I-4 & I-275, in Central Tampa, go south on I-275 for 3.8 miles to Exit 41A. Go south on N Dale Mabry for .6 miles and find Carrabba's on the right. Click here for a map.

Trail: This will be a 3 mile, dead hare, stroller and walker friendly trail.

Hares: GRC & Metawhorical Sunshine will be the hares.

Suggested Donation: $6 for drinkers and $3 for non-drinkers.

On After: The on after will be at the Brick House, located at 1102 N Dale Mabry. To get there from the starting location, go north on Dale Mabry for .2 miles and find the Brickhouse on the left. You might wan to just leave your car parked where it is and walk there.

Phone Number: For more information, or in case you get lost, call our mobile phone at 813-943-4855.

Receding Hareline: Click here to view it.

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