Jolly Roger H3
of theTampaBayMetroArea

Trail #s 854-861

.White Dress - Pink Panties - Full Moon - Cruise Prelube Hash &
Pirate Invation Hash Cruise VI Hashes
(in Cozumel, Belize, Roatan & Grand Cayman)

Saturday, January 26th -
Sunday, February 2nd, 2013

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Video of White Dress Ceremony
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Hare Blessings

Sat, Jan 26th, Gator & Nauti's White Dress Run:

We gather today in our white dresses
To celebrate what is sure to be a mess

Gator's getting down & decided to get hitched
To Nauti who is kind of a bitch

But we love Nauti and Gator does too
Because he's lucky to have someone like you

Repeat After Me:

Bless these hares
Bless this trail
Dress us no trip us
Panties no split us
Beer us no spill us

Standard JRH3 blessing

F*ckle Up

Sun, Jan 27th, Welcome Aboard Ship Photo Shoot Hash:

No time for a blessing, the hare needed to go because we started getting to close to passing under the Sunshine Skyline Gateway Bridge for our Photo Op.

Rectal Room Mate

Mon, Jan 28th, Fun Day at Sea Hash:

Your hare today will be B&B
For another drunken day at sea
It's a real safe bet
You are bound to get wet
But in the water please don't pee

Standard JRH3 blessing


Tue, Jan 29th, Cozumel Invasion Hash:

(Sang to the same tune as "Hashy Anniversary")
Hashy Anniversary
Lepracock and GRC
we'll have fun from sea to sea
With beer and debauchery!

Standard JRH3 blessing

Thumper Humper

Wed, Jan 30th, Belize Invasion/Cave Tube Hash:

Caboose and Hazakashii are your hares today
One is old as shit and the other's a bad lay
Even though we are in Belize
When naked tubing please
Wear sunscreen or you will pay

Standard JRH3 blessing


Thu, Jan 31st, Roatan, Honduras Invasion Hash:

Standard JRH3 blessing

Goo Lite Special

Fri, Feb 1st, Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands Invasion Hash:

The pack prematurely set off on trail before the hares could get back to the start, so there was no blessing.

Sat, Feb 2nd, On Board Ship Farewell Hash:

Your hares are Inflate and Rectum Rider
She tried to get away, but he tied her
Trail will suck
we don't give a fuck
Because we all want to be inside her

Standard JRH3 blessing


Treasure Hunts, Hash Challenge and Hash Game Prize Winners


  Name Points
1 Dos Cum Alot 6175
2 Marilyn Man Hoe 4075
3 Chippen Failz 3200
4 Dog F*cker 2950
5 Gag Me Again 2950
6 High Speed Cock Bumper 2700
7 Community Chest 2425
8 Hot Lips 2275
9 The House of Ooze 2175
10 Pecker Head 1975

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