Jolly Roger H3 - Trail #1459
Mon, Jan 20th, 2020

JRH3 Pirate Invasion Hash Cruise XII - Walk The Plank Trail
Full Day At Sea - Aboard Ship

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Hare Toast

(Approximate wording when made up on the spot and a written version is unavailable)

Standard Hare Blessing

In the name of the flour
The fun
And the shitty run

(For live hare trail)
Hares away!
(For pre-laid, dead hare trails)

Which way is on out?

Hare, RA, OnSec/Hash Cash, FRB, FBI & Brainless Award Winner (Basic Hash Trash)

O4Whore and Fireman In The Hole were the hares, Gator Ate My Penis was the RA, X was the FRB, Y was the FBI and Z won the Brainless Award. If you know who X, Y and/or Z was, please advise so we can update the hash trash accordingly.

Approximate Map of True Trail

Coming soon if somebody sends us a link.

Event Info

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