JRH3 Trail #1535
Wed, Aug 18 th, 2021
Locked Up Aboard's Trail (Take II)
FB: https://fb.me/e/LWDJisPl

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Hare Toast

Standard hare blessing/toast

Hare, RA, OnSec/Hash Cash, FRB, FBI & Brainless Award Winner (Basic Hash Trash)

Locked Up Abroad and Math Sucks.. were the hares, Dab was the RA, Scooter Boy was the FRB, Boobie Locks was the FBI and 3rd Place Pussy won the Brainless Award.

Commentary (Expanded Hash Trash)

Our hares, Locked Up Abroad and Math Sucks.., laid a Midwestern Style live trail. That's where the hares only lay a trail to the beverage stop (a neutral zone) and then they wait for the pack to show up. Then they hare away for a second time with another 5-10 minute head start to finish the trail.

Yours Truly, Dabadoo (Dab) acted as the RA for the first time in about 10 years because none of the JRH3 RA's showed up. And nobody stepped forward to fill in. So, I did it.  Boo hoo. I hate RAing.

Because it rained just before trail, the RA's checklist got wet and were pretty much unreadable. As a backup, I attempted to go on-line to view the checklists. However, since the battery in my mobile phone was dead, I couldn't do that. Hmmm, maybe I should've ask to borrow somebody else's phone, duh! Not that I really needed it. I wrote the damn checklists in the first place and have observed other RAs follow them for years. Actually, I think I did pretty good, considering. However, when it was pointed out that I skipped the FRB/FBI down downs, I simply responded with, I wrote the checklists, so if I wanna change the order of something, I am allowed to do so.

There was one virgin at this hash, who wound up being our FRB. His name is Scooter Boy (Just Dan something). When asked how he got named before he ever attended his first hash, he said he got named during a virtual hash, on line. Several attending hashers thought we should not recognize his hash name since he didn't get named at a real hash. But for now, I intend to allow it, in the JRH3, as there are no rules. We'll just have to consider renaming him, if he ever comes back.

2 Rung Circus was, surprisingly, not the FRB on this hash. As previously mentioned, above, it was Scooter Boy. 2 Rung got lost on trail and came in dead f'g last (DFL). I think he just wanted more mileage to get a better work out, myself.

Boobie Locks was the FBI. The harriettes said they all arrived together, so I decided to give the award to the harriette with the biggest boobs, since the boobs  would've crossed the finish line first.

3rd Place Pussy won the Brainless Award for digitizing and for using nerd names during the hash. That sounded more like accusations to me, but when it came time for voting, 3rd Place came in 1st place.

During announcements, Math Sucks.. announced that next the trail next Wed, Aug 25th will be in South Tampa's So Ho (South Howard Street) District. The exact starting location is still to be determined though. This will be Shitting Bull's Beer Day Trail, with Math Sucks.. as the co-hare.

The Jan 2022 hash cruise was announced to be closed due to attaining our cap af 69 hashers. But for anyone still wanting to go, it was advised to stand by as there will likely be some cancellations between now and then.

I hate our closing song, Swing Low, so after asking if anybody really wanted to sing it, someone said, we'll sing it in the bar. I don't know if that happened or not as I headed home to recharge my mobile phone.

On On
JRH3 GM, Founder, Acting RA and Scribe for this trail.

Approximate Map of True Trail

Coming soon, maybe?

Trail Info (actual data)

JRH3 Trail #1535
Wed, Aug 18 th, 2021
Locked Up Aboard's Trail (Take II)
FB: https://fb.me/e/LWDJisPl

Where: Harvey's 4th Street Grill, 3121 4th St N, St. Petersburg, FL 33704.

On Before/Dinner & Drinks: 5:30 - 6:30 PM, at Harvey's 4th Street Grill (for early birds).

Check In: 6:30 - 7:30 PM, in the front parking lot of Gordon Food Service Store (next to Harvey's Grill), 3131 4th St N, St. Petersburg, FL 33704 https://goo.gl/maps/CLhX9QDnYvJMfpYW7.

Trail: 7:30 PM, 3+ mile, shiggy level 1, (1-5 scale, with 5 as the toughest), http://www.jollyrogerh3.com/Shiggy%20Meter.htm.

Locked Up Abroad.

Hash Cash: $4 for bottled water & snacks, $7 for bottled water, beer & snacks, $10 for bottled water, beers, hard cider, hard seltzer water & snacks. Pay by cash, check, money order, Venmo, at https://venmo.com/RICHARD-GEERS, Zelle, or Cash App, to dab@jollyrogerh3.com, ph/text # 813-943-4855.

On After:  Harvey's 4th Street Grill.

Who's Going So Far: http://www.jollyrogerh3.com/Going1535.htm.
RSVP Requested: To RSVP, click on "GOING on the Facebook Event, at
https://fb.me/e/LWDJisPl, send an email to dab@jollyrogerh3.com, or a text to 813-943-4855 (any media accepted). Let us know if you plan to attend so we can properly plan to support you. Let us know your beverage of choice and we will try to have it for you at this trail.

Phone Number: 813-943-4855.

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