JRH3 Trail #1566
Thu, Jan 27th, 2022
La Romana, DR Invasion
FB: https://fb.me/e/ZGg0MKov

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Hare Toast

The below standard hare blessing/toast was the approximately what was conducted during this hash.

Standard hare blessing/toast

Hare, RA, OnSec/Hash Cash, FRB, FBI & Brainless Award Winner (Basic Hash Trash)

Hazukashii was the hare and LIFA was the RA, Math Sucks bought the flour and Dab procured the beer!


Commentary (Expanded Hash Trash)

The Pirate cruise had never been to this port, so it was new for all of us. The question I got most was how did you figure out the trail? Well, we hit the port at 1130, and I was off and on my way. I had done a Google maps recce a couple weeks in advance, and looking at the first map, you can see the target area I figured would be good hashing territory.

The second map shows where I was able to scout upon arrival. Point A is where the first guard told me I could not go left (north), I could only go right. Point B is where another guard told me . . . no go brother, canít go this way. So my only choice at this point was to go the other way, so I snuck behind the first guard, and went north anyway. Point C is as far north along the railroad tracks as I got, when I determined the trail was going to be too long if I went up into the originally projected area, so turned back and headed west and into town, hoping there was something interesting to hash through. Passing a dozen hashers on the bridge, who were out for lunch, I just took the first right and hoped for the best. Finding a stairway down to the river, trail was able to get in some interesting alleyways, before finding its way back up to the main town area. Working my way north again, and reaching point D, there was nothing interesting up there, just solid city blocks. Heading south again, I found a couple parks to run through, and passed the hashers I saw on the bridge, in a restaurant. Passing just 5 feet away from them, they never saw me on the street, so all was well. Trail then took the only possible route to get back to the ship, which was back across the bridge, and then turn right into the port area.

The third map shows what was actually used for trail. 6 miles of scouting produced 3.5 miles of decent trail . . . well, decent as far as I was concerned, the pack may have had other ideas. In the end, it all worked out, and sweat was created, along with an appropriate thirst, and cold libations were on ice to quench the thirst of the 40 or so hashers. Our man LIFA was called upon to RA the circle, and after an hour, and 120 cans of beer later, it was back on the boat to get cleaned up for dinner. Many thanks to MATH SUCKS for finding flour while I was scouting, and especially to DABADOO, for pulling his wagon out into town, successfully acquiring the beer. Hashing is a team effort, especially when we are short of time, and in a new port. Great job to the pack as well, for not getting lost. You all can add comments below of how shitty trail was.


Approximate Map of True Trail

#1 Target area for trail

#2 Scouted Trail

# 3 Actual Trail

Trail Info (actual data)

JRH3 Trail #1566
Thu, Jan 26th, 2022
La Romana, DR
FB: https://fb.me/e/ZGg0MKov


Times at Port: 11:30 AM - 6 PM, EST (ship time).

Trail: Be off the ship by 1:30 PM, and follow the marks to the start. Hares away is at 2 PM sharp!

Remarks: This will be a short stop, so we'll start trail very near the port.

Hare: Hazukashii

On After: Back aboard ship unless Haz selects a place ashore.