JRH3 Trail #1654
Wed, Aug 2nd, 2023
Pick Up Hash!

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Hare Toast


Hare, RA, OnSec/Hash Cash, FRB, FBI & Brainless Award Winner (Basic Hash Trash)

KISS was the RA, Math Sucks, brought the beer, collected hash cash and  acted as GM & On Sec, Eat My Pussy, from San Fransico, was the FRB, Bi-N-Bulk was the FBI and KISS won the Brainless Award. 

Expanded Hash Trash

The Return to Bilmar Station. Apparently 2 Rung Circus was trying to get back at the Pinellas crew for consecutive trails across the Bay by bringing us back to the EXACT same starting location as last week. This week, however, our fearless leader was away and so the dynamic duo of KISS and Math Sucks had to wrangle the cats on their own. We gathered behind the bar where multiple families, semi-truck drivers, and other randos kept wandering past while we prelubed and circled up. The extensive chalk talk overwhelmed our visitor from Frisco, Eat My Pussy, so much that when Jewban came up behind him and commanded "bend over", he did it without question. Lucky for him, Jewban was merely demonstrating a Naughty Check. On trail, the entire pack was utterly confused within 10 minutes. With the one runner nowhere to be found and headed in the wrong direction, the walkers reoriented themselves and then followed trail through a park, several neighborhoods, and then to a bridge. Here they dispatched Just Ed on a troll mission under the bridge in search of the shot check. Mission accomplished. At that moment, the sky opened up and the walkers were faced with the decision to return to start directly or carry on. Of course the half-minds made the wrong decision and walked directly back in the downpour, not realizing that they were within spitting distance of the hidden beer check. The runner found neither the beer check nor the shot check, but did at least enjoy a fishhook all to himself. Our RA decided to turn off the rain for circle, but we kept it quick since the bar had a much better beer selection than the backup beermeister. Bi N Bulk earned the FBI award, along with Eat My Pussy who was FRB. 2 Rung returned some lost property to KISS in the best way a hasher can – frozen within a block of ice. She earned the brainless for that one. And Anal Beadz was peer pressured into saying he “may” be able to set trail next week.

Math Sucks . .
Acting GM, Hare Raiser, On Sec, Hash Cash and Scribe

Approximate Area For This Trail


Trail Info (actual data)

JRH3 Trail #1654
Wed, Aug 2nd, 2023
2 Rung Circus' Trail
Bilmar Station Trail - Take 2

What: 2 Rung Circus' 12th JRH3 Lay from the same location as last week!

Where: West Tampa, FL, https://goo.gl/maps/shn377q6SL7BJQi36.

On Before/Dinner & Drinks: 5 - 6 PM, Bilmar Station, Bar & Grill, 8501 W Hillsborough Ave, Tampa, FL 33615, https://goo.gl/maps/aqmmQsmniyt8479i6

Check In: 6 -7 PM, NW area behind Bilmar Station, https://goo.gl/maps/J4UDa7zrSgr6TnMg7.

Trail: 7 PM, 3+ mi, shiggy level 2 (on a 1-5 scale), www.jollyrogerh3.com/Shiggy%20Meter.htm, trail.

Hare: 2 Rung Circus.

Hash Cash: $4 for bottled water & snacks, $7 for bottled water, regular beer & snacks, $10 for bottled water, regular beers, hard cider, hard seltzer & craft beers and snacks. Pay by cash, check, Venmo (at https://venmo.com/RICHARD-GEERS), or Zelle, to dab@jollyrogerh3.com, ph/text # 813-943-4855.

On After: Bilmar Station, Bar & Grill same as the "On Before".

Consolidated Who's Going List: http://www.jollyrogerh3.com/Going1654.htm, from all sources.
RSVP Requested: To RSVP, click on "GOING" on the Facebook Event, at https://fb.me/e/JPsoZf7g, send an email to dab@jollyrogerh3.com, or a text to 813-943-4855 (any media accepted). Let us know if you plan to attend so we can properly plan to support you. Let us know your beverage of choice and we will try to have it for you at this trail.

Printable Copy: http://www.jollyrogerh3.com/2023-08-02-Printer-Copy.htm

Phone/Text Number/Email: Math Sucks, Acting GM, at lizschofield0405@yahoo.com, or Dab, at 813-943-4855.