JRH3 Hareline
To hare one of these trails, contact Math Sucks, at lizschofield0405@yahoo.com, by email, or dab@jollyrogerh3.com, at 813-943-4855, by telephone/text.
Occasional Saturday afternoon dates are also available as long as they do not conflict with other local hash kennel trails. To find out what Saturdays are open, go to http://www.jollyrogerh3.com/WCFH_Calendar.htm.






1613 Wed, Dec 7th Meta's - Babe's In Boyland Trail Metawhorical Sunshine  Acting GM and BM is MathSucks!
1614 Wed, Dec 14th Christmas Hash Anal Beadz  
1615 Wed, Dec 21st HPV's Christmas Lights In Seminole Heights Trail HPV  
? Sat, Dec 24th Christmas Eve Hash? GRC Tentative right now.
1616 Wed, Dec 28th Open! Need hare(s)!  
? Sat, Dec 31st New Years Eve Hash? Dab  
1617 Wed, Jan 4th Open! Need hare(s)!  
1618 Wed, Jan 11th Open! Need hare(s)!  
1619 Wed, Jan 18th Open! Need hare(s)!  
1620 Wed, Jan 25th Open! Need hare(s)!  
- Wed, Jan 28th JRH3 Pirate Invasion Hash Cruise Pre-Lube Private Snowballs (Happy Hr H3)?  
1621 Sun, Jan 29th JRH3 21st Anniversary/Pirate Costume Trail (at sea) Dab  
1622 Mon, Jan 30th Great Stirrup Cay, Bahamas - Invasion Trail GunRack, IndianaBonesAndTheTemple-OfPoon, IvannaHairyButtChug & StufMuffin  
1623 Tue, Jan 31st AM Walk The Plank Trail (at sea) O4Whore  
1624 Tue, Jan 31st PM White Dress Hash (at sea) Inflate-A-Date & Feels Up Screams  
1625 Wed, Feb 1st St Thomas - Invasion Trail Need hare(s)!  
1626 *Wed, Feb 1st Local hash back in Tampa Open! Need hare(s)! Needs AGM & Beer Meister too.
1627 Thu, Feb 2nd Totola, British Virgin Islands - Invasion Trail Gockle Stumper & Tight Lips  
1628 Fri, Feb 3rd Amber Cove, Puerto Plata Domican Rep - Invasion EZ Rider He + co-hare?  
1629 Sat, Feb 4th Mimosa Mile Aboard Ship O4Whore  
1630 Sat, Feb 4th Cabin-To-Cabin Crawl Trail (at sea) Need hare(s)/Cabin Hosts  
1631 Wed, Feb 8th Local hash back in Tampa Open! Need hare(s)!  
1632 Wed, Feb 8th Open! Need hare(s)!  
More dates coming soon!
Items in this color are related to the JRH3 Hash Cruise or Campout and are not being held in Tampa.
Fri, Sat, or Sun hash.
AGM = Acting GM (normally one of the RAs/Alt GMs.