Hare Tags


On June 14th, 2007 the Jolly Roger H3 started awarding hare tags for every 10 trails you set for the Jolly Roger H3. The awards are retroactive. To see how many trails you have laid click here and then click on the most recent chart where your name appears. Look under the column labeled "Hare". Note: Haring on a pick up hash does not count toward hare tags, except for the 1st hare if they did all the planning (decided upon the starting location, on after, furnnished the GM with complete promotion input) & furnished all of the the supplies. In order to get credit you and/or your co-hare must have volunteered to lay a trail in advance, did all of the planning and both you and your co-hare laid at least some of the trail each. Simply driving, or riding in the beer truck does not count towards haring, nor hosting a trail that ends at your house, or for a hash where you came up with the plan but did not actually lay any of the trail. Haring, means you laid at least some portion of the trail.

Hare Tags Earned

 Name Hare Tags
 2RungCircus 10
 2ThighsAndASide 30
 AccessAllAreas 10
 Bed-N-Bucfest 20
 Begs2Cum 10
 Black&PeckerAnalWrecker 20
 BloodySanchez 30
 BlowingForGold 10
 CallTripleD 10
 CasualFriday 50
 Chaptized 10
 Dabadoo (Founder) 190
 Dark Helmet 10
 Diaper Dasher 20
 DogF'r 10
 F'ckleUp 20
 GatorAteMyPenis 10
 GayRodeoClown 110
 GooLiteSpecial 10
 Hazukashii 40
 HeadPlantVagina 40
 HarelipDog 10
 HotQuarterLoad 10
 I'llTake'EmBoth 10
 ImmaculateDeception 10
 IndaLinda 20
 KittyLitter 60
 Lepracock 20
 LiquorInTheFrontPokeHeInTheEye 10
 LostMayBalls 10
 MayTheGirthBeWithYou 10
 MetawhoricalSunshine 30
 MoreSex 10
 NoTitsForYou 10
 OnAhead 10
 OtherWhiteMeat 10
 PetMeI'mDrunk 10
 PorkTheClown 10
 Puppy 20
 PythagoreanSemen 10
 RacingStripes 20
 RangerRalph 20
 Rash4Days 10
 RectalRoomMate 40
 Sheep-N-Easy 10
 ShetlandBoney 10
 ShipWrecktum 40
 ShittyName 30
 SpicyDickSlapper 20
 TaintTickler 10
 Taxidermiphiliac 10
 ThumperHumper 10
 TieMeDownDick 20
 U-Drive 20
 UrineTrouble 10
 Virgin Mobile 10
 WhenFairyMetSally 10
 WhineyBitch 10
 Where's Baldo 10
 Where'sMyGoat 10
 WillSing4Head 20
 WillyWankaAndTheCumFactory 10
 WrongHole 10

 Yellow means tag needs to be purchased to present
means on hand but needs to be awarded.