JRH3 History & Traditions

The inaugural running of the JRH3 was on Wednesday, January 29th, 2003. The Jolly Roger H3 was founded by Dabadoo who's mother hash was the Big Lik H3, in Adana Turkey, while stationed at Incirlik Air Force Base. The JRH3 was started for those people who depend upon hashing to get their exercise and not just to get drunk. We don't do pub crawls unless they are preceded with at least 2 or more miles of an actual hash trail.

The JRH3 normally meets every Wednesday evening 6 PM, on off at 7 PM and, *tentatively, every other Saturday opposite of the Tampa Bay H3 (TBH3). Saturday hashes during eastern standard time "normally" meet at 3:00 PM with an on off time of 4:00 PMish. On weekends during daylight savings time, we normally meet at 5:00 PM with an on off time of 6:00 PMish. However, these times are ultimately up to the hare(s) as long as they have a good reason to change these times, a pool party, or some other event that may be tied to the event.

Originally the JRH3 just met on Wednesday evenings. Then we added every other Saturday opposite of the TBH3. For about 2 years we moved the weeknight hash to Thursdays. Then we decided to go to back to Wednesday so we could add every other Friday opposite of our every other Saturday hashes so we could hash twice weekly. Shortly there after we added every other Sunday to the schedule when we had a hash on Friday for a wopping 10 trails per month. This kind of oversaturated the hash and attendance dropped. So we moved back to the every Wed and every other Saturday. However, Saturdays have never been a very well attended day in Tampa, probably because there is so much to do here on weekends, so for a short time we experimented around with making our every other Saturday hashes *tentative and added Monday nights to the schedule and moved Wednesday nights hash to Thursday nights. Thursdays have never been a very good day to hash so, shortly thereafter we moved the Thursday night hash back to Wednesdays. Within a few weeks thereafter we dropped the Monday night hashes and went back to our every Wednesday night and every other *tentative Saturday afternoon schedule. During this time a "ladies only hash" was born and laid its trails on the 4th Wednesday of each month. To de-conflict our schedules with the ladies hash, we did our weeknight hash on Tuesday nights during the weeks that the ladies hash ran. We called it the JRH3 Taco Tuesday Hash, still part of the JRH3. About a year or so later, the ladies hash moved to the 4th Friday night of each month, so the JRH3 took back its 4th Wednesday and dropped the Tuesday night hash as a JRH3 hash. But by then our local hashers had grown to like the once a month Taco Tuesday Hash, so it became its own independent hash, unassociated with the JRH3. So, now the JRH3 is back to every Wednesday evening and every *"tentatively" Saturdays, depending if someone volunteers to hare and there is interest and it does not conflict with other local hashes.

Regular Saturday hashes where the circle at the end is done in the daylight will usually have a raffle, where items left behind after a hash are raffled off rather than just thrown away. Donations are also welcome. Special event Saturday hashes like Red Dress Runs, Hash Cruise Pre-lubes, Zombie Hashes, etc will normally not have raffles because its just too much to do in one hash.

JRH3 trails should normally be set within about a 50 mile radius from the courthouse in downtown Tampa, FL, but should be more centrally located on weeknights. Click here to view the approximate area. That's not to say the hares can't go beyond these boundries occasionally, but if they do they need to get mismanagement approval first.

Attendees should "normally" expect trails that are relatively easy with light, dry shiggy, unless otherwise advertised for a particular trail.

The JRH3 awards headbands (or bandanas that can be rolled up into headbands) for members that accomplish their 10th, 25th, 50th, 69th, 100th and for every 25 runs there after. And, you get a free whistle on your 5th time you show up. Likewise, hares are recognized for every 10 runs they set by awarding them with a hare tag. The above awards are really just for "regular attendees". If a hasher only attends about once or twice a year, they probably won't continue to be given the above awards unless they particularly request them. Awards are meant to be motivate hashers to attend regularly. Once or twice a year is not regular, so there's no point in giving these hashers awards.
Hashers who are regulars on the JRH3 hash cruises, and who are routine out-of-town visitors do however receive the awards. Once a higher award is received, we'd like to have the lower award back so they can be re-awarded to someone else. However, if a hasher specifically wants to keep all of their awards, then that is up to them. Its all about motivation.

JRH3 GM & Founder


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