Hash Hotel: Same as last year, the Clarion Inn and Suites Miami Airport, 5301 NW 36 St, Miami Springs FL 33166, Phone # 305-871-6000, Airport Shuttle, Breakfast, Free parking for cruise for those booking a room at $95.00@ night plus tax. Click here to download the Clarion Cedit Card Authorization Form, or just go to http://www.jollyrogerh3.com/Clarion%20Credit%20Card%20Authorization%20Form.htm. You will be booking directly with the hotel.

Parking During The Cruise: Parking will "probably" be free at the hash hotel during any nights you stay at the hotel and while we are on the cruise (for a limited number of people, on a first come first serve basis). Parking at the Port of Miami, is $22 per day. Cheaper parking can be found nearby if you search for it.

Shuttle To The Port: We will try to set up a shuttle running between the hash hotel and the port for and additional, optional amount.

Alcoholic Beverages Aboard Ship: Each adult, 21 and over, will be allowed to hand carry one unopened bottle of your favorite wine aboard ship. The ships does not allow you to bring other alcoholic beverages aboard ship. However, since this is and "all inclusive cruise", you will not need to bring your own alcohol with you.

Questions: If the above did not answer all of your questions, please contact our travel agent, Kathy Yacone, or myself and we will try to answer them for you.

Updates/Facebook: Between now and the day we sail, we will be making updates to this general information page. So visit this page often to keep yourself informed. Or, visit us on Facebook, at the JRH3 Pirate Invasion Hash Cruises page, at https://www.facebook.com/groups/699410763443991/, where the group will also be notified of any changes.