Registering With Carnival: Once you have reserved a cabin you need to go on-line an register with Carnival and print out your boarding pass(es) and baggage tags. To do so, go to When you get to the site, click on "Manage". Make sure you bring your boarding pass(es) with you when your board along with your passport, or birth certificate & official photo ID (drivers license or state ID).

Hash Hotel: There is no official hash hotel for this cruise. To find out where everybody is staying, to the Who's Coming List at's%20Coming,%202019%20PIHC.htm and book accordingly.

Alcoholic Beverages Aboard Ship: In the past, most hashers BYOB on board even though its contrary to the Carnival's policy, as its not all that well enforced, although they are starting to crack down more lately. You just can't be too obvious, or put all your eggs into one basket. Officially, we cannot give you permission or recommend you do this. Unofficially, its a heck of a good idea if you can get away with it (as most people do). Its not against the law, its just against the cruise lines rules as they want you to buy their booze. However, if they find your unauthorized alcohol they will confiscate it and you WILL NO LONGER get it back at the end of the cruise as they have done in the past. So do as you will. Contact me personally for more info or advise, if needed. Once you have registered with Carnival we highly suggest you look into buying packaged liquor at Carnival's Fun Shops. If you purchase your liquor from Carnival's "Fun Shops - In State Room Beverages" your packaged liquor will be delivered directly to your room and will be waiting for you when you board the ship on the first day. Its a lot more expensive than you can get it for at off ship liquor stores ($85 per liter is the cheapest), but its a lot cheaper than paying on-board-ship bar prices and even cheaper than the all inclusive liquor packages Carnival offers. The best part about having packaged liquor delivered to your cabin is that not everyone in your cabin has to make the purchase. If one person in a cabin gets the all inclusive liquor package, all members in the cabin must purchase it. But this is not the case with In State Room Beverage purchases.

Questions: If the above did not answer all of your questions, please contact our travel agent, Kathy Yacone, or myself and we will try to answer them for you.