Jolly Roger H3 - 11th Annual
Pirate Invasion Hash Cruise

St Thomas Invasion Hash
(7 AM - 5 PM)
Mon, Jan 28th, 2019

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7:30 - 9:30 AM: Breakfast: Breakfast @ whichever dinning Room is serving. Choose a group seating time at 7:30, 8, 8:30 or 9. The staff has instructions to not seat us unless we ARRR all there.

Daily by 10 AM: Trail & Event Updates: Dab's & GRC's door, cabin, E245, Empress Deck -7.

11:30 AM: Meet For The Hash: Get off the ship and follow the hash marks to the Tap And Still Havensight, located in Port Havensight Mall,

11:30 - 11:45 AM:  Find Dab, 813-943-4855, and check in for the hash trail.

11:45 AM - 12 Noon: Chalk Talk: This hash will be hared and hosted by the St Thomas H3. This will be a pre-laid, dead hare trail.

12 Noon: Pack away on trail! Make sure you bring at least $10.50 with you on trail as you might need for a ride back to the start.

? - 3:30 PM: On After: To be determined.

4 PM: Re-board Ship: Be back aboard ship, or at least in line by this time. Anchors away at 5 PM.

- 7:30 PM: Hash Central: Decompress, Promenade Deck- 9- Aft. Hot tub!!!

8:15 - 9:15 PMish: Dinner: Imagination Dining Room, Atlantic Deck-8.

Late-Night-Each-Night: The Mistress of Misadventure, Math Sucks..., will announce a group activity during dinner and post it on her cabin door, cabin U144, Upper Deck - 6.