Pick Up Hashes


Pick up hashes are normally done when nobody volunteers to be the hare. The GM, or his/her alternate identifies a starting location and an on after. The GM, or alt, brings trail marking materials and a map to give to the 1st hare that covers the of the area around the start. Then, either the GM, or altl, is the 1st hare, or someone is randomly picked by raffle, or by other means, to identify the 1st hare. The hare is given the map, trail marking materials and a 2 minute head start to begin setting trail. Obviously the hare is not given enough time to finish trail and is expected to get caught. When the 1st hare does get caught, he/she gives the marking materials and the map to the new hare and then the new hare is given 2 minutes to continue setting trail until he/she either gets caught or makes it back to the start. The GM, or alt, should identify a time when the hare and the pack should try to get back to the start so trail doesn't continue forever (normally after about 1 hour).  The only marks we suggest you use are dots of flour and checks (a circle) and finding 1 dot means you are on true trail. You don't really have enough time to do special markings like count backs, although which-ways are acceptable if the hare is trying to prevent the pack from crossing a busy street for safety sake. However, 1 dot after a which-way should still mean the pack is on true trail. Ladies checks, package checks, song checks, etc should not be used as it just gives the hare more time and thus makes if more difficult for the pack to catch the hare, which is the whole idea behind pick up hashes (to keep changing hares). If the hare is not caught after about 5 minutes, the hare should just stop and wait for the pack to catch up and catch him/her, unless they just want to be a racist and finish laying the entire trail. Beer stops are normally not used during pick up hashes, but can be included if so desired by the pack. Someone just needs to drive the beer truck and follow the hares until they think the pack would appreciate a beer stop. Once everyone has quenched their thirst the hare is given another 2 minutes head start before the pack follows.

Below is the hare blessing for the RA to recite just prior to the 1st hare being sent off. It explains the JRH3 traditions (or at least the first hares concept of what a pick up hash should be) for everyone.

Our trail today, will be a pick up hash
So lets send off the first hare, in a dash

We'll give 'em 2 minutes to set their trail
This hare should get caught without fail

Whoever catches them will become the new hare
And we'll give them 2 minutes, just to make it fair

You cannot snare the hare that most recently caught you
Because that would restrict the hares to only just a few

If 5 minutes go by and the hare's still being sought
The hare should just stop to be easily caught
(unless they want to be called a racist)

Trail will go on for about one hour
Or until we absolutely run out of flour

Once an hour is near it would be very smart
If the hare would lay trail back to the start.

Go back to the start once an hour has passed
As this is the longest trail should last

Repeat after me;

Breast this hare, blast their trail
Packus do catch 'em, without fail

In pursuit of the flour
The fun
And the shitty run

On off!

To find a printable ready copy of the above hare blessing click here