Our trail today, will be a pick up hash
So lets send off the first hare, in a dash

We'll give 'em 2 minutes to set their trail
This hare should get caught without fail

Whoever catches them will become the new hare
And we'll give them 2 minutes, just to make it fair

You cannot snare the hare that most recently caught you
Because that would restrict the hares to only just a few

If 5 minutes go by and the hare's still being sought
The hare should just stop to be easily caught
(unless they want to be called a racist)

Trail will go on for about one hour
Or until we absolutely run out of flour

Once an hour is near it would be very smart
If the hare would lay trail back to the start.

Go back to the start once an hour has passed
As this is the longest trail should last

Repeat after me;

Breast this hare, blast their trail
Packus do catch 'em, without fail

In pursuit of the flour
The fun
And the shitty run

On off!