JANUARY 23rd - 31sth, 2021
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As of Sunday May 31, 2020 04:27 PM
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Hash or Ni
ck Name


Nearest Major

City &_State


Cabin Mate(s)


001 038 CandyAss Huachuca H3 Sierra Vista, AZ F CandyMan  
002 039 CandayMan Huachuca H3 Sierra Vista, AZ M CandyAss  
003 045 CheckMyBoxxx Huachuca H3 Sierra Vista, AZ F None Wants ladies tank.
004 TBD   CrackOf Key West H3 Key West, FL F HellenSmeller  
005 031 B-Flat

Phoenix H3

Phoenix, AZ F


006 029 BendoverDipstick Phoenix H3 Phoenix M


007 008 BildoDildo Tidewater H3/Clam H3 ? N Carolina F


Wants a ladies V neck.
008 019 Blo-N-Go Jolly Roger H3 Tampa, FL F


009 001 Chaptized Jolly Roger H3 Washington, DC M


Does not want a cabin mate!
010 015 CumUnAllVaJJ Jolly Roger H3 Harrisburg, PA F Fart ConnOr  
011 002 Dabadoo Jolly Roger H3 Tampa, FL M


GM & overall cruise planner.
012 020 DarkHelmet Jolly Roger H3 Tampa, FL M Blo-N-Go  
013 016 FartConnOr Harrisburg/Hershey H3 Harrisburg, PA M CumUnAllVaJJ  
014 007   FeelsUpScreams

CoMotion H3

Jefferson City, MO

F InflateADate Wants a men's T-shirt!
015 009   FrigidHole

Phoenix H3

Phoenix, AZ F Gaping Asshole Wants a ladies tank top.
016 010   GapingAsshole

Phoenix H3

Phoenix, AZ M FrigidHole  
017 003 GayRodeoClown Jolly Roger H3 Tampa, FL F


Haberdasher & Party/Game Host.
018 043 Gockel Stumper Stuttgart H3 Minneapolis, MN M TightLips  
019 021 GunRack Huachuca H3 Sierra Vista, AZ F Studmuffin Wants a men's T-shirt!
020 004 Halley'sComet BelScot H3 St Louis, MO M Halley'sGuestVirginiaB  
021 025 HelenSmeller BVDH3 Melborne, FL F CrackOf ?  
022 040 HotLips Grand Rapids H3 Gand Rapids, MI F LeahH  
023 TBD HotLipsDaughter(LeahH) - - F HotLips  
024 017 IndianaBones&TheTempleOfPoon Brass Monkey H3 Houston, TX F IvannaHairyButtChug Wants a ladies tank top.
025 006 InfalateADate Jacksonville H3 Jacksonville, FL M FeelsUpScreams  
026 018 IvannaHairyButtChug Brass Monkey H3 Houston, TX M IndianaBone&TheTempleofPoon  
027 036 KaraokeQueen Unknown H3 AZ/Oslow, Norway F SisterMichael  
028 014 KetchupMustardOnionsPickles...BLECH! Savannah H3 Savannah, GA F SpringRollHole  
029 033 LIFA Chicago H3 Chicago, IL M Does not want a cabin mate.  
030 041 MathSucks...  DC Road Whores Brooklyn, NY F JustMattL Wants ladies tank top. Bonnaire hare and Mistress of Misadventures (MOM).
031 042 MathSucks'Guest-JustMattL Math's Cabana Boy H3 Brooklyn, NY M MathSucks...  
032 028 NoPussyLeftBehind Huachucah3 Sierra Vista, AZ M TheWalkingHead  
033 037 OffToSeeTheWizzer Tidewater H3 ? N Carolina F BildoDildo  
034 005 PoopholeLoophole BelScot H3 St Louis, MO F Halley'sComet  
035 026 Puppy Jolly Roger H3 Tampa, FL M None as of yet  
036 TBD   SexInOldPlaces Jolly Roger H3 Pennsicola, FL M HeadPlantVaJJ  
037 035 SisterMichael Unknown H3 AZ/Oslow, Norway M KaraokeQueen  
038 013 SpringRollHole Savannah H3 Savannah, GA M KetchupMustardOnion...  
039 022 Studmuffin jhavelina H3 Tucson, AZ M GunRack .
040 030 Sweet-N-Blow Phoenix H3 Phoenix, AZ F BendoverDipstick  
041 027 TheWalkingHead Huachucah3 Sierra Vista, AZ F NoPussyLeftBehind Okay with Men's T.
042 044 TightLips Stuttgart H3 Minneapolis, MN F Gockel Stumper  
043 032 Victoria Phoenix H3 Phoenix M B-Flat  
044 TBD   WaitJustAMidget UH3 Greenville, SC M None as of yet  
045 023 Wecko MBH3 Ft Worth, TX M JustTrinity  
046 024 Weko'sGuest(JustTrinity) MBH3 Ft Worth, TX ? Wecko  
047 034 WetMuscle Samurai H3 Tokyo, Japan F None  
Plus 2 non-hasher guests...
048 N/A - TravelAgentKathyY - Tampa, FL F AnnettaO Non-hasher/Travel Agent
049 N/A - TravelAgentAnnettaO - Tampa, FL F KathyY Non-hasher/Travel Agent's Mother