Zombie Hash

During zombie hashes the hares and pack roles are reversed. The hares, acting as zombies, chase the pack to try to catch them before they get to the end of trail. The hares/zombies pre-lay a hash trail in advance of the hash start time. Everyone will be issued a colored light before the pack sets off on trail. Pack members will initially leave their lights turned "OFF". Hares/zombies will always have their colored lights turned "ON". The pack will be given a head start (usually about 5 minutes) to begin solving trail. When the head start time expires the hares/zombies start chasing after the pack to try to tag/infect them. When a pack member is tagged by a hare/zombie, the pack member becomes a zombie too. Once tagged/infected the pack member should turn on the colored light they were issued at the start. Then the new zombie should immediately start trying to infect other pack members until everyone has become a zombie. Pack members will have survived the entire zombie apocalypse if they make it to both the beer stop and the on-in/end without ever being tagged/infected by a hare/zombie.

Zombie Hash Rules

1. Be SAFE! If you run across a major road to get away from a zombie you will automatically be considered infected.
2. The hash should be scheduled to occur after dark so the colored lights can be clearly seen from a distance at night.
3. There can only be a maximum of 3 "FREE" hares. Everyone else needs to donate to hash cash.

4. A zombie can only infect you if they have their colored light turned on.

5. Only the hares/original zombies should dress up like zombies so as not to confuse the pack.

6. Pack members and zombies "DO NOT" have to follow trail to get to the beer stop or the end.

7. Pack member are not safe from being infected at shot stops. Shot stops are not hash halts. Shot stops are optional.
8. Beer stops are NEUTRAL/SAFETY ZONES and HASH HALTS. Pack members cannot be tagged/infected while they are in the immediate vicinity of a beer stop (within site of and/or within approximately 1 minute walking distance from the beer stop). However, the pack member will "NOT" be considered in the safety/neutral zone of a beer stop until they have physically touched the beer vehicle and/or a beverage cooler.

9. Zombies cannot lurk around beer stops, or the end, waiting for pack members to arrive to infect them. A zombie must already be in close chase of a pack member before their tag/infection is considered valid while approaching a beer stop, or the end, and they must tag the pack member from behind. Unless they are in close chase of a pack member, once a zombie is within the neutral/safety zone, they must proceed directly to the beer vehicle and/or beverage cooler and are considered to be temporarily neutralized until the hash halt is over.

10. Once inside the perimeter of the Beer Stop (BS) you are safe and cannot be infected. The BS is also a hash halt! Enjoy the beer and shots and wait for the rest of the pack to arrive.

11. Once everyone, including all of the pack members and zombies, have made it to the beer stop and have had a chance to enjoy at least one beverage, the pack shall be give another head start (about 1 minute this time) to proceed towards the end before the zombies can chase after them.

Note: The above information can be modified, as desired, by the hares for their particular Zombie Hash as long as they changes are made know to everyone in advance of the event.