Jolly Roger H3 - 13th Annual
Pirate Invasion Hash Cruise

Click on the below for daily itineraries.

The below, and Facebook Events, at, will be the primary sources for daily itineraries. Plus, we're looking into using Carnival's HUB app which allows "chatting" among passengers aboard ship (for a one time $5 charge) and gains you access to the ship's daily schedules. This may prove to be great way to find out when changes are made to the ship's and our itineraries. We'll see how useful it is. Don't forget to put your phone on Airplane Mode to avoid erroneous charges!

Fri-Jan 21st   Sat-Jan 22nd
Sun-Jan 23rd   Mon-Jan 24th

More dates comings soon!
Note: When the ship's times conflict with times found here, use the ship times.